Lil Spill

November 25, 2009

I bought my son a book entitled ” Manual for the newly biten” . It reads like a real manual about what to do and expect when you first become a werewolf. My son is now obsessed with this. And yes he was told by his dad that we arrange his schedule around the fullmoons so that he does not get hurt by his father while his father is in his werewolf phase. ( 3 days a month). So he tells his friends that he is a Pureblood werewolf ( mother is normal human because she would not be able to have a child if she was changing every month into a werewolf). I was just listening to a conversation between his friend and himself. My son wants verification that Abraham Lincoln was not a werewolf. ” Mom werewolves can be good people. It’s only 3 days a month that they are in werewolf form. Perhaps John Wilkes Booth was a werewolf hunter that is why he assasinated Lincoln.

My son definitely has a great imagination!!

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