Lil Spill

November 18, 2009

Now let’s talk about Moscow opening night!! Girls looked awesome!

Now lets talk business. The bar was packed within a half an hour of opening the doors! It was great in one way and miserable in another. The 4 girls who know how to bartend can’t speak russian. The service area was disorganized so I helped along with two other girls. Not only could I not understand customers ordering drinks but I couldn’t understand the orders from the cocktail waitresses. It was like playing charades communicating. The cocktail waitresses would leave their posts for 20 minutes at a time to dance on the bar. I would have to find a girl who spoke english and russian to yell at them  to get off the bar. The barbacks were completely useless. It is a cultural issue for them to clean glasses so getting them to do anything productive was virtually impossible. Then when things started running a little bit smoother, pow, the bar runs out of petty cash ( small bills). Fuck. The stress was unbelievable. The people that didn’t seem stressed were the actual Moscow owners. ” Lili please don’t worry. Look people fun”. And people were having fun but Daniel, Lee, and myself were stressed the fuck out!  Then other incidents. The ice machine broke down. But I consider that a good sign since most of my ice machines have broken down opening night. A girl got locked in the bathroom for 20 minutes.  A guy got locked in the bathroom as well. Its funny but I always say this ” something is always going to go wrong on openings. As long as the customers don’t know  about it then you’ve done a good job.” Well the customers didn’t know about it so I guess we did a good job. For all the stress and language issues, it was freaking fun. And the bar will do very well!! Go Moscow.

By the way , every barback quit after opening night! LOL

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