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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Very sad. Indian Larry past away yesterday. He was always so nice when he came into the New Orleans and New york bars. This is so sad on the eve of Steel Ponies. I can’t say it enough “what a nice man and a bad ass biker.” Very sad day.

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Monday, August 30, 2004

Saturday night in San Antonio, one of the girls ( Seth) challenged an army guy to a push up contest. Our girl happens to be a personal trainer. He could only do 25. She did 32 and ended the challenge by saying ” I can do more but this is already humiliating you.” I love that. That makes me very happy.
Saturday night at the New Orleans bar. The girls did an excellent job. I was very pleased.
Kevin is in Nashville. We will know in the next week if the surprise city is a reality. I’m crossing my fingers. A lot going on.

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

I had to open the New Orleans bar today. Wendy and Mara show up early. Mara proceeds to throw up 4 times in the bathroom. “Mara, why didn’t you call and tell me you were sick?” Mara’s response: “Well I wasn’t sure if it was alright.” I told her to go home. Not only was she not able to work I was worried that all the other girls would get sick. Man I hope I don’t get a stomach virus now. Those are the worst.

Kevin’s in Nashville. He’s getting the ball moving. I am so excited. Finally a town that appreciates country music. The NY bar’s roots come from country music. What has happened since we have travelled across the country is that most of the girls are not familiar with country. New Yorkers seem to know a lot more country music then southerners. So I’ve had to improvise and put on more Kid Rock, Drowning Pool, etc. (I know the Vegas jukebox is almost all hip-hop and Rap. That bar is a franchise. Simply not appropriate for a Coyote). Back to my point, I’m so excited for Nashville because we can go back to our roots!

Tonight is Angel’s big bachelorette party. I think it starts at LA Hard Bodies. I enjoy a good male stripper.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

It might be that the surprise city opens before nashville. I hope so . I’m ready to go. The San Antonio girls definitely need more work. They haven’t hit their stride yet and I’m waiting for a few girls to rise to the top. To the amateur eye, you could walk into the san Antonio bar and think everything was fine. They are 95% there. I just need them to have a bit more courage. It will come. Kim the dance captain is a phenomenal dancer. I was watching her freestyle dance the other night, I swear she is in the top tier of dancers from all the Coyotes. It’s interesting viewing the Austin girls, who have only been Coyotes for 6 months, shine. They have their confidence. They make sure to create energy and drive business. The San Antonio girls will get there. They just need to lose a little inhibition.
This Saturday night is Angel’s, from New Orleans, bacholerette party. ” Run Angel run Let’s all go to the male strip club have a lot of drinks and call it a day. He’ll be alright ” Only kidding. I wish her the best of luck. I hope she finds her soulmate in this man and they live in happiness forever.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

So maternal this morning. Jackson is still sleeping so I wanted to surprise him with homemade peanut butter cookies. What he won’t know, until he is older, is that the cookies are made with spelt flour instead of white flour. And I substituted soy nut butter ( roasted) for peanut butter. I blame all of this on Dr. D’damo. ( “Eat right 4 your type”) I started the blood type diet about 6 years ago. Being type O I can’t eat any wheat. I’ve tried spelt flour, rice flour, soy flour, buckwheat. They all taste like crap in comparison to regular white flour. The kicker is that if you go into a health food store to buy a spelt flour cookie, cake etc, they all have corn syrup in them. Well of course my blood type can’t have corn syrup either. Regardless, Jackson was very happy with all the foods he was having until he went to school. Two years ago when he started pre-k he was introduced to regular cookies , cakes, popcorn( against type O), candies. At the end of his first year the teachers asked everyone what they loved the most. All the kids said their mommies and daddies. Jackson said ” popcorn”. He’ll thank me one day!
Kyle , head of security in Ny, has been training for the AM job in Nashville. He has spent the last few days in San Antonio working with the managers, Kevin, and Lee. Kyle has worked for me for 7 years. I trust him implicitly. This will be a good move for him. A few old, almost dead deals, have been breathing some new life. We have our hands full until mid next year. I’m very happy about that.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Marshall’s manager log tonight was hysterical, except for the fact that it was a slow night. He wrote about how a female( customer) was hitting on him. She said ” Marshall, you are so hot. You remind me of my cousin!” That is wrong on so many levels. But I enjoy hearing about it. I have never understood the trucker hat fad. Trucker hats are so unattractive. But Lee pushed me and pushed me and now we sell thousands of these hats. And the girls buy them too. Who knew?
I’m getting a ton of e-mails from people in Nashville. We’ll be there soon!!! Quite a few e-mails about Maria and Kristy ( sp) from NY. You guys have a few fans this week. Excellent.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Jeff is away. Nice life. He goes away all the time. Anything interesting going on today? Not really same old same old. Kevin is getting started on Nashville and Lee is finishing up the short term marketing plan for San Antonio.
I have always bought Apple computers. Recently I was told that my Mac is not compatible with the POS software that we purchased. So frustrating. I love Mac but I may have to give in and get a pc just to log onto the bars’ computers and security. People ask me why I love Mac so much. Simple, I made a lot of money on apple stock. So I feel obliged to stick with the company. Aaron and I are going tomorrow to play Carribean stud.
I have a funny story. In New Orleans we have had some problems with a certain political person. It just seems at every turn this person tries to put the screws to us. It baffles me considering what we have done for that neighborhood. We employ people. We provide security which in turn provides security to residents. New businesses are moving in because we are successful. We pay our taxes. That said , this person does not seem to want us to succeed. Aaron went to an auction thrown by the local restaurant association. One of the items up for auction was a lunch for 4 with this particular person. Guess who bid and won the lunch for 4? Yes aaron. I’m very excited about this meeting. Should prove interesting. That’s why I love aaron. Always thinking.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Just so you know a general manager’s job is very hard. Most of these people work 50 hours in the bar and then an extra 20 hours marketing for the bar. I just received an e-mail from my general manager in San Antonio. I’m still laughing from reading this: Kelly is the GM Joel is an assistant manager:

Just thought yall were wondering. Joel and I are finally getting better from our illness. Joel is not coughing as much and I finally broke my fever. I know yall were real worried and thinking you should come work for us until we were better. We are doing good except all the medication I’m on is still making me a little loopy or is that normal? The only thing good about the flu is I lost 5lbs. Have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Some people pay money and starve themselves to lose 5 lbs. The perks of working a wonderful job at Coyote Ugly.

Charlotte girls: Good Luck and I’m sorry I could not go for your opening night.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

The bills keep on popping up. My god. I’m sickened over my bills today.
When the mail shows up at my house I need a crane to pick it up. It’s ridiculous. Jackson is now completely obsessed with spiderman. Well of course every store I go in has a new spiderman toy. I’m worse then he is. I can’t help but buy these toys.
That’s it! I’m on a budget starting tomorrow!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I’m sorry if you have written me and I didn’t respond. Between the San Antonio trip and my last trip to Orlando, I have so many e-mails. I’m usually very good at responding to people. But I just deleted all of them because I just can’t get to them all. If it was important just e-mail me again.
A lot going on. I may be visiting our Nashville space this weekend. I’ve never been to Nashville. I’m very excited. It seems that the Dubai people are still interested. Let me preface this statement by saying , we had a great time in Dubai, but Kevin informed me that he will not be returning to Dubai to help. ” Sorry Lil, I just can’t go back to the Middle East.” Even though Dubai is removed from all of this war time, it’s still in the heart of the middle east and I can’t blame Kevin for not wanting to go.
We are still in talks with CMT about a series. They don’t seem to want to pay us anything. Nothing’s for free and this is going to be 10 weeks of my time , Jacqui’s time, and the use of the Coyote Ugly name.
Well that’s all i can talk about today. Til next time.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Things are moving. Nashville, Denver, and a surprise city are slated to open before the years end. Very exciting. Just looking over the last weeks numbers for the bars I run. Very exciting. NY is kicking some butt. New Orleans had a really strong weekend and last night was phenomenal. Austin seems to have weathered the slow summer months vertially (sp?) unscathed in fact doing really well and San antonio is just kicking butt and taking names. I love coming home and seeing that.
Negative side: Licensees are pulling shit this week. What a fucking headache. as the expression goes ” I made my bed now I have to lie in it”

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Monday, August 16, 2004

We finally made it home. After 3 days I finally got us on a flight home ( or should I say flights). They booked us from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale. Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa ( usually 1 hour drive from Orlando but after hurricane 6 hours). And then tampa to New Orleans. Jackson faired pretty well. I was fit to be tied by the end of the trip.
Last night I was supposed to bring the San Antonio girls to see one of my favorite teams in Austin ( Esther, JJ, Emmy) But obviously I could not make it. Kevin said to me ” Just schedule your flight at night”. I just spent the last 3 days stationed at the airport and it took me 7 hours to get home. Give me a break. I’ll go to Austin and San Antonio next week.
San Antonio girls: I want you to pay more attention on selling, energizing the crowd, being fun.
A lot of really good girls in San Antonio but they need a little push. ” Just remember the crowd is there to be energized by you, not the other way around!”
Other then that , the SA bar is doing phenomenally well.
500 e-mails I came home to. Marshall wrote me a note yesterday saying that some of the girls started ” white trash night” in Austin. His comment that was hilarious was ” none of the other bars seem to get ” White trash night” the way the New Orleans girls do.” I found that quite funny. I miss the New Orleans girls. I haven’t been there in a while.
Romina in NY , you are kicking some butt! I am so proud. I definitely need to go to the NY bar and recharge.
How pathetic am I , I take a few days off and I miss all the bars.

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

My luck! The week I take Jackson to Disney world, Orlando gets hit by a hurricane. The airports are closed and this is the first time I was able to get to a computer all week. I’m definitely about to lose it. Of course, also, sprint is not working!
The first part of the week was excellent. Jackson had the best time of his life. Yesterday during the hurricane Disney really pulled out all the stops. Goofy , Pluto, Snow White, and even Prince Charming made guest appearances. Don’t laugh but that kept the kids happy for a while. My room flooded a bit last night. I just want to get us home tonight.
I was supposed to go to Austin and San Antonio tomorrow but I can’t even get us on a flight today back to New Orleans.
I’ll write more when I am back at home

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

I spent the night at the New Orleans bar . Pretty good crowd. The girls did a good job. We have a new girl, Libby. She is very cute. Hope she works out. New bouncer Will. Will allowed his girlfriend to dye his hair pink. So I gave him a pink truckers hat to wear. ” Lil I can’t wear that. It’s too girly!” So it’s masculine to dye your hair pink but not to wear a pink hat? People are getting very excited about Nashville. I’m excited too. Nashville is a fun town.
Yesterday I went to City park. It is a big, almost beautiful park in New Orleans. This park has everything going for it. Beautiful trees, lovely lakes, streams, playgrounds, golfcourse, and a museum. But the trash that is scattered all over the grounds is disgracefull. It sickens me that people do not pick up after themselves. Why don’t people care about their beautiful park? Why doesn’t local government try and clean this area more? Very sad.
Well I’m going to Disney world tomorrow. It’s not a full vacation but I’m going to try and limit my computer and cell phone access.
By the way Marshall called me with this week’s great excuse for being late for work. ” My porcelein veneers for my front teeth came off. I’m going to be late while I’M GETTING NEW TEETH!”

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Please vote!!!

Our local Dos Equis rep just sprung this “hottest Bar in Austin” promo on me today. All votes have to be in by Friday. Currently, we are second, but I know with a little push we can be first. Vote for Coyote Ugly Saloon as the hottest bar in Austin by clicking here. (Enter “Austin” and “6th Street” and cross-street “Neches Street”) This promo is in conjunction with Wild On E!.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I lost my cell phone yesterday. To be perfectly frank, for one half day it was nice not having the phone ring off the hook. But this morning after getting a new phone, I am exhausted trying to imput phone numbers. Unfortunately unless you have the old phone you can not get your address book transfered to your new phone. I have fallen victim to these new gadgets. I spent no less then one hour listening to songs that I could assign to callers. I have downloaded new pictures that I can also assign to callers. And all and all found a way to procrastinate by attending to this mindless crap.
Kevin has been dieing for me to get a phone that has ready link. Today he calls me and asks if I got ready link? Just incase you don’t know what this feature is. Ready link is a feature that acts like a walkie talkie. ” Lil , there are certain times that you don’t answer your phone and I need to get in touch with you immediately. ” I specifically told the salesperson not to activate the ready link feature in my phone. If my phone is off or I’m not answering, there is a reason! The only person I want to be able to get to me immediately is my son.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I’m very excited about opening Denver. Denver is a pretty city. Last time Kevin got altitude sickness there. Someone asked me if I thought the girls would have problems in such a high altitude city? Of course not. Local girls are already accustomed to the high altitude. I’m trying to figure out what ski areas are close so maybe I can go on vacation after the opening. Recently I have been reading travel magazines , dreaming of places to go. Next week jackson and I are invited to Disney world. I have been showing him the web page and getting him all excited. My friend jill works for Disney and is hosting our stay. I e-mailed her yesterday telling her how excited we were to come and that this is officially my first vacation in 3 years. Her response back was ” It’s 100 degrees in the shade. I think you are putting too much stock in this trip.” Not the postive feedback I was looking for.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Man, I’m beat. I should be signing leases in both Denver and Nashville. Next week we should be having some food at the San Antonio store. It will be very interesting because we will allow minors in until 7pm. I told the girls during the day shifts they had to watch their language. Tara said ” Lil, I need to go back to New Orleans. I’m not alive if I’m not motherfucking cussing.”
I read a story about a woman who runs a program in California for inner city kids ( LA). The program is called the LA Surf Bus. She brings inner city kids to the beach and teaches them how to surf. She speaks about a lot of these kids never even having the opportunity to see the ocean. I wish her the best of luck. That is a beautiful life’s mission.
Now I’m going to play with Jackson. He says his spider senses have kicked in. So who knows what he has instore for us tonight!!!

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

I’m going back home for a few days. The girls did very well!!! I want to thank the Austin girls who came down. You guys did an excellent job. I’m so proud that in 6 months you have become such good Coyotes. Cyndi and Tara you guys rock, as per usual. And Travis, Kerry, and Vance you were such a big help with security. Incredible job. SA girls, I think Travis did Sugar better then you guys. Work on it.
OK , I’m off to my flight.

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I can’t wait until we get the new AC on Tuesday. My god, I’m sweating like a pig. San Antonio is going really well. I’m pretty upset at what they put our occupancy at. It is definitely too low. That has to get changed. This place is pretty big, we can definitely fit more people. I brought Kerry and Travis ( security new orleans) down to help train the security staff. The look on the S A security guys faces when Travis does the choreographed dances are hysterical. I can tell in their minds they are thinking ” shit do we have to do the dances too?” Pretty funny. OK back to work

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