Coyote Ugly Saloon Moscow
Kuznetsky Most 6/3
Moscow, Russia


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+7 495 692 03 97
  • Sunday 6pm-6am
  • Monday 6pm-6am
  • Tuesday 6pm-6am
  • Wednesday 6pm-6am
  • Thursday 6pm-6am
  • Friday 6pm-6am
  • Saturday 6pm-6am
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Upcoming Events

March 2015

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Weekly Specials

Happy Hour
Sunday - Thursday
Happiest Hour in town from 6-10pm, 2 for 1!
Chill Out Night
50% off the hookahs
Get up enough energy to last the whole week!
Ladies' Night
Raffle for prizes from L'Etoile every hour
We'll play until we run out of gunpowder!
Shut Up & Dance
Professionally choreographed dancing on the bar

Wanted: Kazan Coyotes

Want to work in the most popular bar on the planet? If you possess an enormous desire to work and earn money, we are waiting for...

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Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit hung out at Coyote Ugly St. Petersburg on June 3 and 4!(Pictured: St. Petersburg Coyotes with Wes Borland)The group came to the bar...

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