Lil Spill

February 6, 2012

I am going to do a research project. On Gywenth Paltrows website she has remedies for hangovers. There are various products on her website. Over years of being in this business I can personally recommend one thing. Drink plenty of water while you drink. For every drink you imbibe , drink one glass of water. I am going to ask Daniel, Kevin, and ( not sure who drinks enough to be the 3rd) to help with this research. I will provide each of them with the various products and instructions for the products. I want to know if any of these products works as well as simply drinking water while drinking alcohol?
Just a point of fact. Hangovers are caused because the liver can not quickly metabolize certain ingredients in alcohol. Because of this it needs extra water to process this alcohol . The liver will pull water from organs like the brain to help process the alcohol. Hence the headache and all around yucky feeling. My layman’s explanation.

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