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Lexxus, San Diego
September 2019

Lexxus, San Diego

Lexxus, San Diego

Lexxus is fun, outgoing, and knows how to put a smile on someone’s face, whether she is working or not!

Hometown: Chicago, IL

What’s the most fun about your job at Coyote Ugly?
Being able to come to work and be my authentic self while working alongside some of the coolest women in the world

What makes you a good Coyote?
I’m always energetic and entertaining! If you’re having fun, I’m having fun,
and that’s a party.

How long have you been a bartender?
I’ve been a bartender for 5 years.

What do you like to do on your off time?
I’m an amateur photographer, music-festival goer, and a hiking and beach type
of woman.

What is your favorite type of music?
I love hip hop and r&b, but alternative rock and trap have been my jams.

Do you think the movie is anything like the real thing?
Absolutely! I reference it every shift.

Why should a potential customer come and visit you?
Much like a kaleidoscope, I have many beautiful sides which offer a fresh persona and new attitude with every shift.