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Calli, Denver
November 2013

Calli, Denver

Calli has really stepped up as the assistant dance captain since our dance captain has been in Key West. She always comes to work with a great attitude and always has a smile on her face. She has also recently become a trainer for us, and passes on her energy and awesome attitude to the new Coyotes.

Hometown: Grand Forks, North Dakota

What’s the most fun about your job at Coyote Ugly?
Meeting people from all over the world, dancing (my life’s biggest passion), and working with and for some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. There’s just so much! But if you get down to it, I get paid for starting the party and keeping it going in the greatest city in the nation. I don’t think of it as a job; I think of it as a night out.

What makes you a good Coyote?
Passion. I love what I do and I make sure to prove that in every move that I make.

How long have you been a bartender?
Since July of this year.

What do you like to do on your off time?
Catch up on my college hockey and show a little Nodak love. Let’s go, Sioux!

What is your favorite type of music?
Christmas music. Without a doubt! 😉

Do you think the movie is anything like the real thing?
It’s even better up close and personal. Come see for yourself!

Why should a potential customer come and visit you?
I’m an unpredictable little devil that loves a good laugh and to dance my tush right off. You better be prepared to do the same!

Do you have any advice for women who want to be a Coyote?
Own what you do, execute everything with confidence, and don’t be afraid to get a little wild. Scratch that. Just get straight UGLY. xo