Coyote of the Month Coyote of the Month

Kat, Fort Lauderdale
August 2006

Kat, Fort Lauderdale


Miami, Florida

What’s the most fun about your job at Coyote Ugly?

Being able to throw a party every night and getting paid for it.

What makes you a good Coyote?

The fact that I genuinely love my job and it reflects in my performance. Come see for yourself.

How long have you been a bartender?

5 years

What do you like to do on your off time?

Relax, watch movies, visit with family…can’t party every night.

What is your favorite type of music?

Everything! Even country…since working at Coyote.

Do you think the movie is anything like the real thing?

Yes, even better because it’s unedited!

Why should a potential customer come and visit you?

Because I’m a whole lot of fun in a small package, but don’t worry there’s enough of me to go around.

Do you have any advice for women who want to be a Coyote?

If you’re a strong, confident, powerful woman, then this job is for you. If not, come on in and we’ll work on it.