Coyote Ugly Saloon Cardiff
78 St. Marys St.
Cardiff, Wales, UK

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  • Sunday 12pm-2am
  • Monday 12pm-2am
  • Tuesday 12pm-2am
  • Wednesday 12pm-2am
  • Thursday 12pm-2am
  • Friday 12pm-3am
  • Saturday 12pm-3am

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#KaraokeUgly is back again on Sunday! Do you have your list of songs ready yet? #CoyoteUglyWales https://t.co/ARIaPcEcPZ
Today Leicester vs Liverpool at 17.30. Grab a pint and an ugly bucket to go with the game too! #CoyoteUglyWales https://t.co/i2DWa5CYBp
Don't wait in a long queue, get your guest list tickets and join us inside! #CoyoteUglyWales https://t.co/8RsUrOZUsI https://t.co/h0ql2uoGDo
We're open until 3am, so join us and dance like there is no tomorrow! #CoyoteUglyWales https://t.co/etp3MJha9i
On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, drinks at Coyote Ugly! #UglyChristmas #CoyoteXmas https://t.co/pq7k477jHh https://t.co/VfRhG0zyvo
Do you have your guest list tickets ready? #CoyoteUglyWales https://t.co/wmN1ZMGm7c https://t.co/lCOgxLjala
We hope you had a good night sleep, because tonight we're partying until 3am! #CoyoteUglyWales https://t.co/ISwPYKSy9r
Have you tried the cocktails from our new drinks menu? #CoyoteUglyWales https://t.co/NaqEirs0y7
Enjoy the #HappyHour before the weekend starts! #CoyoteUglyWales https://t.co/dJO8evqk6D

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September 2017

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