This week marks the thrilling start of our brand new podcast journey! Don’t miss out, follow us now for the big reveal of our inaugural episode!

Join the dynamic duo, Lil and Lee, as they unravel their 20-year adventure with the legendary COYOTE UGLY bar brand. Get ready for wild tales, behind-the-scenes challenges, and unforgettable characters that shaped their billion-dollar empire.

Dive deep with the one and only Liliana “Lil” Lovell—hear her unfiltered stories firsthand!

From a GQ feature sparking a blockbuster movie to a blog inspiring our hit MTV reality show, our journey’s been epic. And now? The podcast! What incredible paths will this new adventure lead us to? Stay tuned to find out!

Our podcast isn’t just stories. It’s a treasure trove of current events, Coyote Ugly insider updates, and a deep dive into Lil’s most outrageous blog posts. Plus, get exclusive insights into the latest trends shaking up the hospitality world from its most iconic figures.

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Here’s to new adventures! Cheers!

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