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October 16, 2017

Things are about to get very busy . Looks like Liverpool will come up before Fukuoka , Japan .

We sighed a 12 city deal in the UK. Outstanding . We are rocking and rolling ! First college interview tonight !

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October 9, 2017

Emergency averted ! New Orleans Bar is fine . The New Orleanians  thought hurricane Nate ( tropical storm Nate ) was just a rainy day . Thank god ! Dodged a bullet . Last night I get a text message from an OKC regular complaining about service . I spoke with Amber the manager . This morning he sends me another message . “ oh sorry , I am in San Antonio”. Sorry Amber !

Tommy and I had a great day on Saturday . We ran the Pacific Beach Fest 5k . Beach running is super hard by the way . Then we went to the beer garden to drink our complimentary beers and listen to Santana style music . Great great day ! Thank you Tommy .

Last night Jackson and I went to see IT . So fun . The kid will be 18 at the end of the month . Honestly since we can’t go back , I will now embrace our future . Love that kid .

A few more wonderful pictures from my birthday . Also my back up Rubber pants outfit for my birthday came in Saturday . As I struggled to get them on I had a flashback from college . I texted my friend Joyce “ did I try to wear a rubber dress in college ?” She sent a loud YES as Confirmation that I was just as nuts then as I am now !



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October 2, 2017

Omg ! My first birthday party since I was 7. Crazy is an understatement . Only 50 once . 51 will be the year of Glamping for my birthday !

Thanks to everyone who flew out to celebrate with me . Thank you so much !! Words can not express how much I love everyone . Thank you Dinesti , glen , chantel , and SD staff for making it all come together ! Thong birthday Accomplished !

September 25, 2017

” Mom are you technically a senior citizen ?” God damn it NO. I think that’s 62.

San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin and Denver getting their staffs to run/walk the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer races . Bars did well this weekend especially Oklahoma ! Holla !

Calendar’s came out . 25 years and I finally got a half page at the end of the calendar . Not in a bikini but hey I made the calendar !

Trying to get dates set for the openings of Fukoaka and Liverpool . Let’s do it !

September 20, 2017

Laugh it up people ! When I am in the geriatric Sports Illustrated magazine , I will have the last laugh .

i just received this from a friend wishing me a happy early birthday .

” Hey this was Jerry  when he was 50″

September 19, 2017

“Dear Miss Lovell , As you ascend in years you should start looking for your assisted living arrangements .” You are f kidding me ! Let me tell you what the 50 is the new 40 looks like .

Conversation with Kevin this morning :

Me: Kev , I am so excited to get my MRI results today . You know at 50 you have to get a mandatory Colonoscopy ?

Kevin : of I have already had two

Me: did you lose ten pounds ?

Yup this is my life .

bars doing so well ! Bam . Momma needs to pay for assisted living

signed a big deal to open multi locations in the UK. Let’s go Liverpool




September 19, 2017

Bam Fort Worth ! So much fun filming the bartending instructional video . But Alas, it wasn’t to be . ” sorry guys but the audio didn’t work so we need to shoot again ”

The bars are rocking . Nashville is on fire !

What a day today . Jackson was one of a few winners for this college contest . So proud . But everyday has its pros and cons . He dressed up for a college interview tonight . Waited and waited . Then called the college interviewer . Sorry Jackson but our interview is in October . He was very sweet when he called back to apologize . ” well kid she either thinks you are an idiot or you charmed her .” Lol. Ugh

September 11, 2017

9/11 So much news about the hurricanes that it took me part of the day to remember 9/11. A thought goes out to all the victims and survivors.

I heard from Joanna and Scooter this morning who own the franchises in Tampa, Daytona , Panama Beach , and Destin. So far everyone is safe and sound.

What absolute craziness.

Today I went swimming at my local gym. I almost feel guilty living in San Diego. Everyday is beautiful. Heading to Fort Worth tomorrow. ” Mike B is it hot as HELL or Hot as HELLLLL?”


We are filming a training video in Fort Worth.( Chantel, Lee, and I)  ” Will I stink or be great?” Only the universe knows!

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