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September 20, 2017

Laugh it up people ! When I am in the geriatric Sports Illustrated magazine , I will have the last laugh .

i just received this from a friend wishing me a happy early birthday .

” Hey this was Jerry  when he was 50″

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September 19, 2017

“Dear Miss Lovell , As you ascend in years you should start looking for your assisted living arrangements .” You are f kidding me ! Let me tell you what the 50 is the new 40 looks like .

Conversation with Kevin this morning :

Me: Kev , I am so excited to get my MRI results today . You know at 50 you have to get a mandatory Colonoscopy ?

Kevin : of I have already had two

Me: did you lose ten pounds ?

Yup this is my life .

bars doing so well ! Bam . Momma needs to pay for assisted living

signed a big deal to open multi locations in the UK. Let’s go Liverpool




September 19, 2017

Bam Fort Worth ! So much fun filming the bartending instructional video . But Alas, it wasn’t to be . ” sorry guys but the audio didn’t work so we need to shoot again ”

The bars are rocking . Nashville is on fire !

What a day today . Jackson was one of a few winners for this college contest . So proud . But everyday has its pros and cons . He dressed up for a college interview tonight . Waited and waited . Then called the college interviewer . Sorry Jackson but our interview is in October . He was very sweet when he called back to apologize . ” well kid she either thinks you are an idiot or you charmed her .” Lol. Ugh

September 11, 2017

9/11 So much news about the hurricanes that it took me part of the day to remember 9/11. A thought goes out to all the victims and survivors.

I heard from Joanna and Scooter this morning who own the franchises in Tampa, Daytona , Panama Beach , and Destin. So far everyone is safe and sound.

What absolute craziness.

Today I went swimming at my local gym. I almost feel guilty living in San Diego. Everyday is beautiful. Heading to Fort Worth tomorrow. ” Mike B is it hot as HELL or Hot as HELLLLL?”


We are filming a training video in Fort Worth.( Chantel, Lee, and I)  ” Will I stink or be great?” Only the universe knows!

September 7, 2017

Having had to evacuate during Katrina , I feel this pang of fear for all these people . Harvey was awful and affected so many people we know . Now Irma has just destroyed so many of these little islands and soon to hit Florida . We have been planning to do a benefit at all the bars for the hurricane relief funds . I just saw an ad for the ASPCA that made me so sad . All these people evacuate and don’t take their pets . Before Katrina , I decided to take my son and fly to NY , 3 days prior . Our neighbors were staying . Their thoughts were that the hurricane was not going to be as bad as the news was broadcasting . I made the mistake of leaving them with our guinea pigs and turtles . I was not allowed to enter my home for a full month because the national guard had imposed a quarantined area . When I got home there were my pets dead in their cages .  The neighbors had stayed through the storm but were forced to evacuate and they left our pets . I wished they had at least released them in the park . It’s my fault ultimately . I never told jackson the truth . Seeing those little creatures dead in their cages because of my own casual attitude , I feel even deeper about helping all these abandoned animals . I am going to donate to the ASPCA and do what ever I can to help .

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September 6, 2017

My eyes just opened to an email ” a new NY neighbor is complaining about noise “. We have been there just shy of 25 years . Why on god green’s earth do you move in right near many bars ?

Bars doing very well . Only bar not doing well is Nola . I need new strategies there .

Gerting a fucking MRI on the weekend . Getting old sucks . Aqua aerobics will probably be my new exercise if I need surgery .

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August 28, 2017

So saddened by the catastrophe going on in Houston and the outlying areas. None of the Coyote bars have had damage. But we spoke yesterday about waiting out the next few days then heading to Houston to Volunteer.

Busy week in Coyote U land. Heading to Daytona for the opening on Thursday. So exciting

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August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey didn’t hit us but the flooding is devastating . Austin and San Antonio having hurricane parties . The New Orleans bar happens to be on the highest point in all of New Orleans ( cool fact I learned during Katrina ). But I am sure there will be a lot of flooding in nola . Good positives thoughts for all the people who will get a direct hit .

I read this article this morning . Warms my heart and shows that a company can positively address the need for diversity .

August 24, 2017

Coyote Ugly Daytona opening on Thursday ! That’s going to be a wild one ! I am turning 50 in 1 month ! When did this happen ? How ? My body is falling apart . I did a triathlon about a month ago and I have been injured ever since . My only goal was to be able to wear a thong on my birthday because I was SO FIT that I could pull it off . Well the dream is slipping away .

So proud of my sister and her husband . So much hard work that their company is getting a lot of recognition .  Mom and dad would be proud !

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