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December 27, 2018

Go big or go home ! It’s pride and embarsssment all rolled into one emotion ! 


  1. I Continue To Love “Coyote Ugly NYC, I Look Forward To Celebrating The 26 Years Anniversary Party With Everyone This Sunday:

  2. Lil,
    You look great!
    We had oysters and drinks at Eddie V’s in La Jolla a fee years back….Good time! Hope you are well.
    I’m in Tampa Florida now. Will be checking out Coyote Ugly Tampa for Spring Break. Best wishes!

  3. new orleans may.1st bunch Canadians will dropping by to say hi.. we here for JAZZFEST2019

  4. As Koreans, we did not know how fun country bar would be, but Saturday last night at Coyote Ugly in New York City, New York, USA was INCREDIBLE!!! They made us feel very welcome and bartenders were very fun and encouraged us and lots of energy, even very late at night! They made me confident to dance! We were sorry you did not have Stella Artois our favorite beer, which bar had no more of, plus some liquors. And we felt bad for the black girl, who the mean old lady (maybe manager) was yelling at by the cash register about the old lady was leaving and yelling something about the workers. The black girl was amazing! The best and happiest!! I did not want the old lady make her sad, and she didn’t! Still very happy! Thank you for Saturday night that was so fun!

  5. I moved to Austin, TX back in 2004 and have been a regular customer at Coyote Ugly ever since. The atmosphere is awesome and every single girl that has worked here has always provided me with the best of customer service. I have brought many friends to enjoy a body shot, a tidal wave shot and/or to watch the wonderful dance routines. However, today, I was a little disappointed by one of the dance routines that I have come to enjoy over the years. I have to say the dance routine to the song Havana by Camila Cabello is one of the worst I’ve seen. The song is too slow for this atmosphere and doesn’t allow the girls to convey the amount of energy this bar is known for. I honestly think this routine, even though new, should be removed.

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December 18, 2018

RIP Penny Marshall. A League of Their Own one of my favorite movies.

Putting the finishing touches on the new Nashville back bar room. Finishing up the bathrooms in Denver. Unfortunately there was a leak in the new bathrooms last night. UGH. Pinky had to try and find the leak. UGH, not enough showers to cure that.

I can’t wait for 2018 to be over.  The year of spending money and being stagnant personally. And my baby left for college. 2019 the year of the adventure and a lot of sex !!


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December 9, 2018

I know I know . It’s been a long time . I blame Facebook and Instagram .

NYC Santacon ! Bam

calendar about to come out and guess who is in it ? Yup 50 years old and I need my first bikini calendar . It’s all downhill from here .

Some bars doing great , some average , and a couple awful . But we shall persevere .

2018 was the year of the renovation . New Orleans got some love . Denver new bartop , new booths , new bathrooms . San Antonuo new AC units , new Bartop . Nashville total renovation of side room . We are turning it into a higher end craft cocktail spot . Really excited about that .

Kid is home from college on break . So proud of him . He literally could go into a field to help cure cancer . Who knows ? 

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October 23, 2018

A ton going on. San Antonio bar just got renovated. Thanks Kevin, Pinky, Joe, and the whole SA staff. ( I have been home sick with the flu. Just starting to feel better)

I remember managing NY bar. I didn’t feel well for a good month. I finally went to doctor. MONO. Side note: During the MONO months I had non refundable tickets to France and England . Drinking and MONO do not go hand in hand. I fell down a full flight of stairs at an Irish bar in Paris. Recently, I took Kevin and Chantel to visit this bar as a point of pride. In my 50s I  get sick and I stay in bed. 25 years ago, I still worked a 16 hour day and woke and did it all over again the following  day.

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September 17, 2018

Vive Le France. Kevin, chantel and I had a blast in France. What an incredible trip. Wine, food, marathon, and time with good friends. !! Back to work .

Tomorrow I will be a panel member at Eliances Grand Table in Phoenix. Then I head off to Park City for our Corporate meeting. The company that Fly Fish together stays together !

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August 31, 2018

I highly recommend this book . I bought this as a gag gift . I was curious and started paying through the book. She is spot on with so many ideas . Love this .

Conference call yesterday started with AdA compliance finance issue and ended with “

pizza is really good at Samurai Pie. “

Lizzie and I are going to start working on renovating the Nashville back bar area . I love doing this stuff .

Next weekend Marathon Du Medoc ! Get ready France . ( how many miles will chantel , Kevin and I last while drinking wine ?)

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August 23, 2018

College drop off. Like most parents I have been filled with pride , anxiety , sadness , and excitement . I have spent the last two weeks doing laundry , organizing , and trying to make sure this transition is happy and fluid . Less then two weeks to go !!

I try to pride myself on constantly evolving and being happy . Taking the few extra seconds not to get upset but to look at things in a more compassionate way .

Today , that Old NYer came out in full swing . Class registration started at 5 am . Guess who woke up her son at 4:30 am ? Yup me .

We found out today that his new roommate is arriving two days early . That screams to me “

who gets the best bed .”  Jackson if we have to wait outside the dorm at 4 am so be it !!!


Coyote Ugly . Recap : two American girls got  deported from U.K.  Fort Worth royally fucked up . Denver is doing incredible . And Kevin and Chantel are on my shit list .

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August 11, 2018

Empty nesting = the absolute need to clean and purge . (College drop of day , less then a month ) Three days I worked on my first floor . Extra paella pans , extra wine bottle openers , extra carafes . Then I ventured into the boxes that were unused . Family pictures , coyote Ugly memorabilia , again more wine paraphernalia . I donated enough to fill at least one apartment . I am waiting in anticipation when Good Will opens the sheep intestines and pig fetus we bought jackson when we thought his career would be a medical examiner . Out of everything , there was one picture that I can not seem to verify . In my dad’s photo albums there was a picture of what I think was the Hindenburg. Did my dad actually see this flying overhead ? 

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August 7, 2018

What a month . SAn Antonio anniversary .

Marathon in Washington state with Kevin ( half marathon for me . ) Calendar shoot . I just finished hiring at the new Bar in Swansea Wales . Busy busy busy

My son leaves for College the first week of September . Ugh ! Empty nest ! I plan on drinking , traveling , eating , and semi working to pass the time !

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