Web Advertising

Coyote Ugly Saloon has a dynamic website audience with a wide range of interests. receives a monthly average of 165,000 unique visitors viewing over 6,000,000 pages in 250,000 visits. Vistors return again and again to read the “Lil Spill”—the exclusive blog of Coyote Ugly founder/owner and CMT star Liliana Lovell—view photos from the bars, and learn about upcoming events and specials.


Banner Type/Location Impressions Monthly Rate*
Run of Site: Level 1
priority rotation throughout website
250,000/month $5,000/month
Run of Site: Level 2
selective rotation throughout website
100,000/month $2,000/month
Lil Spill
static placement on blog
50,000/month $1,000/month
*3 month minimum run for all ads

Technical Specs

Banner Creatives: Standard: Gif or Jpeg
Rich Media: Flash
Ad Unit Sizes: 300px x 250px
File Size Limits: 50K
Materials Deadline: 5 full business days before start date


Sales: Lee Killingsworth
Production: Amélie Walker-Yung