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January 14, 2017

Oh god the bars did horribly last night. Thank god for San Antonio. Gratitude to Marsha today. The news is horrifying now.  I am trying not to become obsessed with the election issues. This is the reality of life, people like me are affected last. Some things will get easier in business with a republican in office but some things that stem from my personal moral compass will get much harder. So I move down the columns to other news.  ” Mother keeps son locked in bathroom for 2 years.” ” Woman steals baby 18 years ago. ” ” Mother and Father charged with killing their daughter and hiding her body in their chinese restaurant.” It’s all so sad. The psychology of true evil.  So I refocused on other news .

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January 12, 2017

So many changes. Farewell to Obama. Trump inauguration next week. YUCK. Even in the Coyote World. Things reving up with Fort Worth. We tired a new GM Chris!! Congrats . And we promoted Cassie from NYC to AM Fort Worth. Congrats.

Jackson and I have been off and on sick for 3 weeks. It’s rained almost every day in the last 3 weeks in San Diego. It’s like Seattle here right now. But hence why we are sick. Supposedly the rain brings more allergens to the area. Ok so all of that and this is what captivated me this morning..

Next week Austin.

January 5, 2017

5 very strong applicants for the Fort Worth GM position !

Justin , Lee , and myself had an email thread going about certain international duties . As the thread progressed it veered to Lee doing keg stands or perhaps challenging Justin to Keg stands . Regardless , I just received this from Lee . Nice to make work fun ! 

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January 5, 2017

I just came upon this article.   “Mom Says Delta Asked Her to Leave First Class Seat Because Her 9-Month Old Baby Was Crying”.  I have traveled many times with Jackson when he was an infant. Thank god I could give him a boob to help soothe him. I felt awful when I couldn’t soother him and I knew the crying was annoying others. ( and when he was an infant we flew only coach. ) Now that being said , it took me years of working and traveling to start getting upgraded. I get upgraded and then I spot an infant in close proximity to my seat. This is what I think ” Please universe let that baby sleep the whole way!!” ” Did they have to pay for an extra ticket or did they just get to bring him/her for free?’ Sometimes I want to say to the parents ” ok let me walk the baby up and down the aisle to calm him/her so he stops crying.” It’s unnerving.

January 2, 2017

Denver crushing all the other bars for NYE! Outstanding . All the bars rocked this weekend . Even last night the bars were super busy ! Good omen for the New Year . Fun to see how happy the people are in various posts in Tokyo and Cardiff ! Around the world people having fun at Coyote Ugly . The two Moscow bars looks really crowded .

Resolution : to try to schedule in more real vacations instead of these Work/vacations . I need to start completely unplugging when I go on vacation . That’s it . This year will be the start of college hunting for Jackson . This time next year we will either know where he’s going to college or his application with all be in . Big year !

December 28, 2016

This is heart breaking : Carrie Fisher died yesterday and her mom Debbie Reynolds died today . Breaks my heart ! RIP. That’s love .

So logan , Michael AM Nashville ‘s son texts me occasionally . He has asked me to download a video chat app so we can start video calling . So cute ! But of course now all I can think is , do I have anything cool to show him on video ? Hope he doesn’t try to video with me while I am out . I had to beg my son to face time me , what the hell is going on here ? lol

I will show him Jackson’s dead animal dissection kit .

By the way , NYC bar fucking rocking ! So so proud . Go Paula

December 26, 2016

Holidays are wonderful. We have always had a tradition of going out to dinner on Christmas eve. Every year someone is unhappy. ” I don’t want to go”. I don’t want that type of food” So on and so on. This year we decided to go to the movies instead. It’s now our new tradition. No dressing up. No worrying  about food. We just laughed for two hours. Great night!

Happiness abounding. My son opened his big present, a dissection kit that included Lamb brain, cow eyeball, and mink with fetus . ( I feel bad about the mink). This gift was a huge hit.  The funniest part of the day was Jackson on the phone with our Colombian cousin, in broken spanish, saying he received dead animals as a gift.

As one can imagine, in the bar business you never want Christmas or Christmas eve on a Saturday night. So let’s just say that we broke no numbers this weekend. But my hope is that we will break some records for New Years Eve. go team!


December 19, 2016

I returned home Thursday night and have been sick ever since . The body can only take so much . I am thankful that we pushed back the Fort Worth opening . Gives me time to rest and feel normal .  Some of the Tokyo American travelers got home last night . The Wales travelers should be home Wed/ Thursday . It’s been a crazy month .

Time to give thanks . I am first thankful to my son . I learn from him everyday . His genetics are laden with Colombian and Italian loud craziness yet he always stays calm . He is an old soul in a young man’s body . He amazes me as a person . He is keenly bright and so so kind . His future is so bright . I can’t wait to watch as he becomes a man .

I am thankful for my family and friends . There are some really good people in my life . My hope is that I can give to them what they give me .

I am thankful for Coyote Ugly . Seeing this company grow creates an awe in me . So thankful for the people in Coyote . Bar backs , porters , bouncers, bartenders , regulars , lawyers, franchise people . Everyone contributes . And I am thankful .

A little / big family . Happy Holidays !

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