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August 28, 2016

imageRIP Carl. Lung cancer , died within a month of diagnosis . He never smoked or drank . Incredibly sad . Your NYC family will miss you dearly

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August 25, 2016

” Why is Jeff the lawyer writing operation responses to our new partners in Japan?” Quick answer : he’s going on vacation again and this is his way of pushing us on his schedule.

Denver and NYC rocked last night!! Very very pleased. Lee is editing the 2017 bikini calendar. It’s not necessarily a style I love but it will be an interesting change. He is putting a lot of work into this. I said yesterday if this  doesn’t sell significantly more  then the previous years perhaps we should go back to the “less work” calendar.

” Lil can I put my bunnies in your back yard for 3 days. I promise you will have no responsibility. ” My response ” Is this what they call fringe? A parallel universe where I live alone with my 6 cats and want to save all the animals ? ” ( I would love to save animals but in a broader sense) .

CVS: Junkie waiting by the prescription counter. I could spot him from a mile away. I waited 5 minutes after he left to start walking home. He was smart and quickly walked around the block to intersect me. The minute I saw him I turned away and headed right to starbucks. I still have my NYC sense. I saw it in his eyes he knew that I knew what he was thinking.  Unfortunately there will be another CVS customer who might not be so lucky.

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August 21, 2016

I sent Kevin and Michael to Tokyo to approve the new site and view other neighborhoods for future sites. I received 1, I repeat 1, call about work while they were drunk. Our new Japanese partners took the boys out every night. Yesterday’s videos  from their Karaoke night at an  all male ” Full Monty” club were hilarious. ” Please universe, I hope Kevin and Michael didn’t completely  embarrass the company. I hope they were actually good when they did Karaoke !

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August 19, 2016

Thank you Dinesti for getting Jackson’s special olympic team some tickets to the Chargers game. My son is a coach for special olympics. His team has been asked to go on the field during half time ,  throw some passes and catch some balls. There were not enough tickets for some of the parents to attend so Dinesti rounded up a few tickets.  I wanted to go and see Jackson and the team but I gave the tickets to the parents instead. Go team!

All booked for Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 24 hour trip and I lose a day. So I leave on September 9th but I arrive September 11th. Ok let’s do this!!!

NYC girls have been asked to perform on Good Morning America. ” Please Paula pick the right girls!!”

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August 15, 2016

WTF Justin !! You are fucking kidding me that you arranged a Skype interview ? Skype and FaceTime is to chat with your kids or live Sex with Chris Hemsworth ! That’s it . Now I have to put fucking makeup on .

Jeff finally annoyed me until I agreed to a meeting in Los Angeles . Heading there this afternoon .

I am in a bit of a tizzy today . Still off my sleep cycle from Dublin

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August 13, 2016

Red Dress Run in New Orleans. Not only did Daniel ,our Director of Operations , enter the race but he decided to pierce his ears to match the dress!!! God I wish I was there.

It’s been a pressure cooker with work. Things are getting  busy and 3 corporate employees are on vacation. I gave corporate bonuses and Daniel sent me a text ” see how morale goes up when you give out bonuses.” My response was ” Morale seems pretty high without bonuses considering 3 people are on vacation.” Jeff is literally always on vacation. Half his emails and calls come from remote places. Lee always whines ” I am so overworked I need a vacation.” Then Juston ” How the hell is the new guy on a 2 week vacation ?” Well life is about to get very very busy.

September 14th/15 opening Bishkek. Hopefully October 12th opening Cardiff, Wales. November/December  opening Fort Worth, and a mid December opening Tokyo.   Fort Worth has been a grueling process. Hopefully we can speed things up.

August 10, 2016

Still not home yet . Jackson and I are sitting at the Boston airport . ” Mom I was born to be in an older generation . My generation is in a creative drought . ”

I picked him up from Harvard . New vocabulary :”  Mom stimulating a cricket’s  limbs was DOPE.” ” our team was so LIT when we won the ” guess ” the diagnosis challenge .”

” Mom I have been around a lot of teenagers . I picked up some new vocabulary .”

busy busy busy . Tokyo franchisees found a location so we need to go and approve it . Kyrgyzstan hired a new PR person so we are coordinating . So much going on and 3 cooperate people on vacation . As Orange is the new black , Daniel and I dubbed Lee the new Jeff . ( jeff takes more vacations then anyone .  As we are getting insanely busy Lee is taking a two week vacation  ). Justin is on vacation too . WTF is going on ?

I need to get home and just recharge



July 29, 2016

” Lil when can you go to Los Angeles?” This is a daily question from Jeff. He wants me to go and meet the authorities about putting Coyote in Hollywood. ” Dude I am traveling every week and we don’t even have a space in Hollywood. ” UGH

So my ex-husband and I own the building that houses Coyote Ugly New Orleans. Daniel suggested we make some of the floors AirbandB units. We put one floor on the site a few days ago and it is booking like hot cakes. My ex-husband is insanely happy. A month ago I promised Daniel and his friends they could stay for 3 days during the Red Dress Run for free. ( he does work hard.) I got a text message from my ex ” ok no more friend and family deals!”

Heading to Boston to Drop Jackson off for classes at Harvard. ( so proud). Then Tuesday I head to Dublin for our annual GM seminar! Very excited.

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July 26, 2016

Coyote Ugly signs 15 city deal in Japan. Justin is on fire!!! Tentative opening of Coyote Ugly in Kyrgystan is September 14th!

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