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"I doubt it. You stated ..."

"thanks . See you Sunday..."

"OMG Yes I would cry...I a..."

"Getting old sucks, my bes..."

"Great to hear your mom is..."


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    Friday, January 2, 2015

    Today’s gratitude goes to Matthew , AM New Orleans. Very profession. Anything that gets asked of him gets done. He’s a dad, an actor, and our AM. Very hard worker. Thank you Matthew for all your hard work and dedication.
    Bam the bars rallying on New Year’s Day for some super strong numbers. Nashville, San Antonio, and San Diego coming in strong. That’s a good sign for 2015.
    I am in Park City with jackson . I was told yesterday ” mom you board planes too quickly it annoys me.” I havent stopped laughing about that. A friend of mine told me that her son once proclaimed he hated how she put her hair in a ponytail . Oh teenagers.

    Thursday, January 1, 2015

    Last night I was invited out by a few new women friends in SD. We went to a sushi/nightclub called Bang Bang in the Gaslamp. 2014 was the ” Young Men” love me year. ” Can I buy you a drink? You look just like Penelope Cruise in the movie Blow.” Dude if I really looked like Penelope Cruise I wouldn’t be talking to you and I would dominate the world!! But thank you for the compliment. ” Liliana all these men are hitting on you and you keep blowing them off.” Obviously I need to work on that. But in my defense if my son has more facial hair then these 25 year olds I just can’t take them seriously.
    Nashville spanked all the bars last night. Good Job. My first gratitude for January 1st 2015 is to Lizzie. ” Thank you Lizzie for always being so willing to move for the company and work so hard. I love you and I wish you the best year ever.”
    Mac wrote in his log from last night. It just wasn’t that busy out in SD last night. ” I was in the gaslamp last night. Everyone had a line. And when I passed Coyote the bar was packed. ” Hard when your boss lives in the same city.

    Wednesday, December 31, 2014

    Woke up at 2:30 am with the sounds of pouring rain and the flash of a text message from Daniel ” incident in Milwaukee . Someone got sucker punched”. Another day at the office. The Milwaukee location has been an example of a city’s changing entertainment areas. When we opened that bar water street was the busy area for nightlife . We were only opened a few months when there was a shooting on our block and things have gotten progressively worse. A few bars in the area still do well but we have struggled . It’s a constant game of trying to lure people back to water street. Several businesses have closed which makes our job even harder. Lee will fly there soon to readjust our marketing . Uphill battle .
    Good note we have been selling our anniversary tickets on line.
    I have absolutely no plans for NYE. Jackson and I are flying out tomorriw for Park City. Maybr I will stop by the SD bar for a while .

    Monday, December 29, 2014

    I am so moved. Daniel sent me a present for the Holidays.
    ” To the Beacon of Bartending,
    Just wanted to say thanks for being the best boss ever and for also being the beacon of bartending. May our 2015 be better then our 2014! Daniel”
    I love that. In my day I was the damn beacon of bartending!!!
    Tonight I am taking out Tiffany for her birthday with Mac and Dinesti! Ruth Chris here we come.

    Sunday, December 28, 2014

    Ah the holidays . Jackson and I are in Raleigh, NC visiting my family . So far nothing too crazy . The deterioration in my mom’s health is unbelievable . She is wheel chair bound permently . We have this delusion that aging creates a kindness and more gentile demeanor . No it just exentuates the already existent personality . So crazy gets crazier . My mom’s family in Colombia wants her to go to Colombia. We talked about this for hours yesterday . Who is going to take care of her? How will she get to Colombia ? Exhausting . And in my mom’s mind this is a visit but my sister and I believe that it’s a one way ticket according to her health. I hope to god I don’t leave Jackson in the position that my parents have left us. Dying miserably in her home country ? Or dying miserably here? Not sure what the answer is? In a moment of dementia she wanted us to scramble for the phone so she could buy Lumenescence on the infomercial . At 80 she was desperate for the airbrush makeup kit on the commercial . Shopaholic while lucid and during dementia . I shouldn’t make fun I will probably be exactly the same .

    Monday, December 22, 2014

    How is Santa going to come when the Saturday numbers are so bad? Urgh!!
    Went shopping with Jackson yesterday. ” Mom, dad and I have a cheap gene you don’t need to get Dad a present.” Dude you are getting your father a present regardless of the cheap gene. Every year we go through this. ” Mom I don’t want anything.” He knows I am going to get him something regardless. There is a part of me that would love to fill his stocking with socks and a statue of Mother Theresa. ” Here kid Merry Xmas.” ( doubt he even knows who Mother Theresa is) Urgh. OK Dinesti and I will hit the gym today. Running and swimming. I am going to make her a triathlete and a fitness model!! Double whammy

    Friday, December 19, 2014

    One of my son’s former classmates and my friend’s son had a 7 hour surgery today . I have felt sick all day just thinking how scared his mom must feel. My understanding was that his sternum wasn’t growing so the surgery was a kind of open heart surgery to alleviate the pressure of his sternum on his heart . He just got out of surgery . He lost a lot of blood so he’s getting a transfusion but he is good. As a mom it’s so scary to have your child be ill. I sent one of those chocolate fruit baskets to the hospital . In most of life’s situations food is always a nice touch .
    Went to the SD bar last night . Girls are so gorgeous and they work so hard. Really love this staff

    Thursday, December 18, 2014

    Only 10:30 and my morning Obama Care email just came to me. Hard to be a liberal when f Obama Care is killing small businesses . Urgh.
    Today I ran outside then did these steep hill runs on the treadmll. The woman on the treadmill next to me was a severely anorexic woman. She was truly a walking skeleton . My heart broke for her . As I was struggling to keep my speed up while On a level 9 incline , she turned and spoke to me. She was walking , I am assuming for hours like the anorexics I have known . She knew a lot about running. Really kind to me. She was encouraging me everytime I had to do a timed surge . She was so hard to look at. Body starving . In my heart I could only think that this woman will die soon if she doesn’t change her life. What happened in her life to create this frail body and mind? If that wasn’t the only treadmill left I would of picked a different area to workout because it scared me to look at her. Now that I know there is a kind soul there I sm going to make it a goal to say hello to her everytime I see her. Kindness costs nothing .
    After I finished on the treadmill and said goodbye I walked in on Dynesti’s swim lesson . Night and Day ” Daniel , Dynesti thinks because she’s gorgeous she doesn’t have to work out. Looks fade my friend . “

    Wednesday, December 17, 2014

    My swim coach asked me why I haven’t been coming to the gym. Without getting into specifics I said ” I got dumped.” His response in a very emphatic way ” when you get dumped that’s when you go out and get ripped !” Ok ok
    Yesterday Dinesty texted me and said she was bored and needed a physical challenge . Low and behold I made her a swim lesson today ! Awesome I feel another triathlon coming on. IMG_3894

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    SA Santa

    Monday, December 15, 2014

    Finally my Saints look good on Monday night Football. How bad are the Bears that we actually have two interceptions? Regardless fun to be winning!
    Bars doing well. Bonuses going out even to me!!! Online Christmas shopping being done. Wine being drank. Where is the Chocolate Mouse and the Happy ending to make this a perfect night?
    Big American Sign Language presentation tomorrow for Jackson. He looks like he knows what he’s doing. I have absolutely no idea if he is getting his signs correct or not.
    I have been hearing some negatives about the San Antonio girls. Get your shit together team! Pushed NYC anniversary back. Its in February now. Thank god. Makes my life easier.

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