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April 21, 2017

Fighting Fifty! My new motto . About two weeks ago I noticed that I have a new wrinkle that is close to my mouth. Fine , who cares ? It’s  a wrinkle . But when I drink red wine , I get a purple mark in this wrinkle . I am disgusted . I wanted to age gracefully . My body is on point . I am a feminist . I want to be emotionally cool with my body maturing . That all sounds nice but now the fight is on . I will not give up red wine and I will not walk around with a purple line around my mouth . I am still in my forties but this will break me . ” ok Doc , fix this . I don’t give a F*** what you have to use to fill this line ! “. I will fight fifty with all my might !

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  1. Lil please do not start getting facial surgery at any age! These women that do this do not realize or do not want to admit that by doing so many surgeries on their faces they look soooooo much older. They look skanky and like a caricature of their former selves!

    Sherri from Oregon

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April 19, 2017

Some Psycho has written me and accused me of hacking his accounts. Lee and I were laughing this morning ” DUDE I don’t even know how to tag people on Facebook. ” I am sitting here laughing at the absurdity of this. . I am currently locked out of my son’s high school parent portal . I wish I had some hacking skills just to see my son’s grades.

San Diego revamping the menu. Excited to taste test the new additions. Nashville started the water dance back up! Exciting . Honestly the bars are doing great. Only a few right now causing some issues. I will take that!

Within 24 hours my son wrote his resume and got a new job.  Chip off the old block. Good for him.

April 8, 2017

Heading to Denver for anniversary party . A group of us are going to sushi tonight . I haven’t eaten sushi with Lizzie since Tokyo . Tomorrow morning 5k with some of the crew . Hopefully Lizzie purchased us some costumes . Annuversary party starts at 2 pm , Sunday . A full two days  Exciting !  Tomorrow’s run won’t be a slam dunk . Last time I ran at altitude I lasted  about a mile .

Denver is such a great city . Plus the Denver bar  had a great night last night !


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April 3, 2017

I would like to microchip the managers. A company in Sweden is microchipping their employees. AFTER Saturday’s visit to the San Diego bar I would love to do this.

I want to improve the microchip. The managers walk near the bathrooms and they are either subtly influenced into cleaning or  they get  shocked  into cleaning .  Everytime I email or text they answer immediately. It’s been two days since the ” WHY THE F CAN”T YOU HAVE TOILET PAPER IN THE RESTROOMS?:’ event and I am still upset .

I am not mad at the Nashville bar. They are rocking. And from what I hear the new AM , Mike B is a freak about a clean bar. ” Mike you may be visiting San Diego if this shit doesn’t change.”

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March 31, 2017

CRUNCH. Fuck I just hit a wall with the side of my car ! FUCK. My sister made me feel better . ” last week I was backing out of the garage and hit my husband’s car . Damaging mine and his . ”  thanks Bellinda . That made me feel better .

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March 29, 2017

A company that runs together has fun together! Signed up Pinky, Tommy, Lizzie, Kevin and myself for a 5 k next week outside of Denver!

Some woman went into the Nashville bar pretending she knew me. My understanding from the manager’s log was she was first a supposed acquaintance of mine then as the night progressed she was my secret corporate employee . ” Lil will want to know what’s going on!”  Low and behold they didn’t buy her story and she eventually got kicked out. Of course she found me on Facebook . I woke up to FB messages and pictures of the Nashville bathrooms.  Her early messages were ” I create fashion lines for woman. Then she wrote  ” and I do tile as well”.  I wish my boyfriend had these talents. Fashion designer and tile layer. Versatile. Michael wrote something in the log. I sent Lizzie and Michael  a text  ” Really?  I secretly hired someone in corporate to design clothes and fix the bathrooms?” Have you seen the NY bathrooms lately?

March 27, 2017

Nashville is just crushing numbers ! Excellent . Runblings at the Fort Worth bar . Bar is doing very well but definitely hiccups . Tommy and Chantel will visit .

  1. With Jackson on our latest college trip .  Carleton college

March 22, 2017

Just got back from Aerial Silks Circus class. Thank you Mary Sue. Mary Sue from the San Diego bar has performed doing aerial tricks . She arranged for us to have a private lesson. So So Fun.  How the hell is it possible for the bottom of my feet to ache?  By the way, you get ” silk burn, just like rope burn. Not quite the fun of getting rug burn. ”

Marsha told me to be grateful for 3 things every day. 1.My son is healthy and happy 2. My body is strong and healthy 3. So many good happy people surrounding me. Thank you universe.

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