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May 30, 2016

RIP Harambe the gorilla .

After watching the video, I think the zoo had to kill the gorilla. But honestly , should the mom be charged with endangering her child? To listen to the description of the enclosure she must of left the child unattended for quite a while. As parents,  no one is perfect. But her lax parenting cost the life of this poor gorilla. Born in Captivity and then killed by humans. Very very sad. IMG_7263 Happy Memorial day.

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May 27, 2016

A shout out to Austin! ” I just deposited my Austin dividend  check ” Bam! I am very thankful to all the bars but especially Austin today !

Two employees got fired in SD . Stupid is what stupid does. Of course Daniel said ” the curse of the calendar . One month down “.

A few years back when I did about 20 sessions in therapy , I learned that I use exercise as a coping mechanism . ” how bad could that be? Well recently a new store opened up in my neighborhood that offers B vitamin shots and IV therapy . I have gone twice this week. Once for two shots of various B and supplements and today for IV therapy . What would the therapist say about this ? Is this another coping issue? Who the f knows ? I just figure it can’t hurt to be extra healthy and hydrated !

Next weekend Memphis !

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May 20, 2016

Lee cartooned this photo. A  fun way to end the photoshoot.

Jackson is super sick today. I called in sick for him but he snuck back to take his PE swim exam. That kid is a dedicated student. When I picked him up ” well mom , on a good note the swimming seemed to temporarily clear my sinuses.”

Daniel and I are making real progress on playing the Dublin manager’s seminar. I am super excited!!

I had an interview with BUST magazine today. I was not at my best. I was coughing, doing twelve things at once. Hopefully , I made some sense.

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May 15, 2016

Dinesti’s log: ” Beyoncé sucks . Her concert didn’t bring us any customers. Billy Joel is the mother f shit!” So I am guessing Billy Joel fans love to drink .

The band Bobaflex made a selfie video at the Austin bar while watching our girls preform their song ” Bury Me with My Guns on “. Pretty cool if I do say so myself . And yes ” I did pick that song ! “

May 12, 2016

” NINJA stop sending me bikini butt pictures!” Monday starts our 2017 calendar photoshoot. ” Ninja you were already picked, I have seen your butt!.

This is funny now but not funny then. My gyno wanted me to get a biopsy and a few ultrasounds to make sure everything was fine. I went to the hospital for my two ultrasounds and Ninja’s mother was the receptionist. ” Oh you are my daughter’s boss. I am so excited that she made the calendar.” In my mind I am thinking, I can’t believe I am getting checked for cancer and I am now talking about Ninja and the damn Calendar.  Then I started thinking, Oh god will Ninja know if I have cancer before I do. ” Oh GOD .  No worries, all test came out perfectly, NO CANCER. But I did find out that I am one of those freaky women who may be able to have children until 60. I have 1 great kid. I am content with that!

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May 11, 2016

IMG_7449I have no energy. ” Well Lil you obviously need B shots in your butt and acupuncture. ”  OK I did it so when does the energy come?

Calendar shoot for 2017 bikini calendar starts Monday in Vegas, I would say I am excited but Lee has all these highly stylized ideas for shots that I just know in my heart will be super hard to do with non models. OK let’s do it. I will definitely be sneaking some bailey’s into my coffee to get through those two days. 20 girls plus Lee .  As I learned today in the chinese acupuncture methodology, you can’t take from your savings account of energy and vitality and keep loaning to your checking account of energy and vitality or you will be empty.  So I will borrow from Lee’s account and sit back!

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