By Liliana Lovell,
Coyote Ugly Saloon Founder

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    Lil Spills for January 2014

    Saturday, January 18, 2014

    One of my oldest friend’s Molly came into town with her kids. We brought the kids to dinner. All of a sudden I hear her tell her son, ” yes I know Jackson’s dad. I licked his armpit 20 years ago.” I almost fell off my chair laughing. Jackson leaned over to me, being a bit older then her kids. ” How drunk was she to lick dad’s armpit?” I love Molly. We have so many stories together. I can’t think of my life without her. Now we have kids and speaking about old times. Beautiful memories.

    Thursday, January 16, 2014

    It’s becoming a pressure cooker in San Diego. It will be very tight to open on Feb 5th but that’s the plan. We are opening our first pizza place. Samurai Pie keeping San Diego safe from ninjas since 2014! Thin crust pizza and sake bombs . So fun
    A thanks to Daniel , Tommy, and Mac for putting up my TVs in the new house. They are also going to move myself from the moving pod to my house . I owe them big. Last night we went to a tasting from a potential kitchen consultant. Beautiful house , fun people. Great time.
    I ran into a friend the other day ” sorry to tell you this but we went into your key West bar and it was horrible. The girls are so annoying on the mic that we had to leave . My ex con friend started having flashbacks of the yard and ran out.” Urgh

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    I am going to flip the fuck out. My furniture was supposed to arrive today. I have Judy flying in to help me and all the guys were going to help move my furniture in my house. Today I go to track my pod and it isn’t even in California and doesn’t get here till Friday. I am going to fucking kill someone. I CANT BE HERE ON FRIDAY. YOu are FUCKING kidding me!!!! God Damn it

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    I am super excited to be opening our first pizzeria. We spent the day interviewing perspective kitchen managers yesterday in San Diego. We have a tasting tomorrow from one of our candidates in La jolla . He is cooking for us at a friend’s house .
    Is it endearing for a male friend to call me “food truck”? ” Do these candidates know that they need to bring their A game for FOOD TRUCK?” Most women would balk at a nickname being one that refers to the amount of food they eat. But I don’t mind it. Kevin calls me ” High Menu Maintenance.” And when he refers to me in that way it’s with scorn. But when I hear ” Food truck “it denotes a level of respect. Yeah I am weird. On that note Dinesti is doing great on her diet . And Tommy is just starting the Lil Diet. ” No Tommy you can’t eat anything at midnight and yes dinner that ended at 8 pm is your last meal of the day.” Tommy and Mac have been running so our new life in Southern California is going to be a healthy one. ( Even though Daniel is trying to sabotage them with car bombs and midnight snacks.)
    I had a mini panic attack yesterday morning. I woke up in my new house in San Diego plagued with that ” am I doing the right thing?”feeling. Today the moving truck comes with all my furniture and the finality of moving from New Orleans hit me. My goal is to have the house very cozy by the time Jackson and I move out permanently in June.
    I love having guys around. Yesterday I handed Daniel my credit card ” can you just buy me some tv’s and install them? Use your best judgement .” Bam done deal! They bought them and will install them today. I have no idea if they are LED, Plasma or whatever but I know they ( Tommy , Daniel, and Mac) know these kind of things and I trust them.

    Saturday, January 11, 2014

    I hate when my team loses. It’s the end of the season. Always so sad.
    The bars sucked last night.
    Marsha is making some miracles happen in Key West. I am grateful for Marsha today.
    My son made my day today. ‘ Mom young guys love you because you look so young.” My son is officially my favorite person twice over now.
    Heading to beautiful San Diego tomorrow. I love it there.
    We are opening a Pizza Place in San Diego. I am super excited about that!

    Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    “Dinesti you didn’t send me your meal plan today!!! God I love Dinesti. A beautiful person inside and out.
    ” Watch this video .–abc-news-health.html?vp=1. This woman changed her life by making a commitment to discipline. I absolutely love this video because there is always something you can work on. I know for myself I can be consumed by stress so I have to contently tell myself to be grateful. It’s Every day, keep steady.
    Yes I should practice what I preach. Today I am grateful to my friend and assistant Judy. She and her husband treat me like family. I love them so much.
    Today was grueling. Texts and emails went like this; Milwaukee, Milwaukee, San Diego, Art design, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Art design, New Orleans, San Diego. GRUELING.

    Tuesday, January 7, 2014

    I hate this expression but it seems accurate. ” Kevin is acting like a little bitch.” Lee and Kevin designed all of Milwaukee. Then Key West they didn’t implement any of my decor suggestions. So I have decided to take the reigns back in San Diego and formulate the designs for most of the decor. Lee is on board and he has been interviewing graffiti artists and mocking up sign ideas etc to my specifications. But Kevin is acting like a little baby. Any ideas I have he interjects and either says he doesn’t think it would look good or if it was up to him he would do it another way. I have a great idea for behind the bar that is different from our other locations. It is going to look so good but he has been whining for two days now. Always giving an excuse for why it won’t look good. He now realizes that I am not folding to his whining so his new tactic is ” Well I don’t think we will have time to build it the way you want since our deadline is so tight. We had decided three weeks ago about a merchandise display case on the side of the bar. Today like a little baby he said to me ” I don’t remember agreeing to that I guess you are going to get Lee to build it cause we ( contractor and Kevin) are too busy? You are F kidding me. No Kevin you are building it now back off before I start getting pissed.
    So the Polar Vortex has hit the south. Yesterday was 40 degrees here. ( I know there are places in the country that are horribly cold and people are dying) But am I taking crazy pills that I don’t think 40 degrees is cold? When I dropped Bonnie at Doggie Day care yesterday they said “We really want the dogs to be wearing sweaters on such a cold day.” I had to buy the dog a sweater to leave her at daycare. My assistant texted me Sunday night saying that she would not be leaving her house for 2 days because of the cold . Really? Yesterday was 40 today is 30. We are not in Minnesota where it’s 30 below zero. Ridiculous. The bars are doing crappy this week. I have nothing more. Plugging away in San Diego. I love that city

    Friday, January 3, 2014

    A wonderful New Years Eve story from our Denver Coyote Ugly. I love LOVE
    “Jessica has been with us for about 6 months. Her fiance’s name is Seth. He
    is a Marine based in Virginia. They have been dating for 2 1/2 years.

    Seth reached out to us about a week ago, asking if it was a possibility
    for him to do this, after we made sure it was ok, he gave us a plan of
    action that he would like to do. So,0 right after we rung in the new year,
    we played a song for them, “If you told me to” by Hunter Hayes. We let him
    have a microphone, and if I remember correctly, his words were “You know I
    love the military, but, I love you more… Will you marry me?” She said
    yes… Everyone in the bar cheered and clapped, pretty cool moment…”IMG_1248

    Thursday, January 2, 2014

    Waking up New Year’s morning with no hangover!! I think that’s an omen of positive things to come. I was out in San Diego. Finally December 30th I signed the lease for our new Gaslamp location!! I already have a couple of friends in San Diego. In fact I was invited to two New Year’s eve parties in La Jolla. I was feeling under the weather on New Year’s eve. But I rallied and got dressed up. I did my hair with a blow dryer ( I never do my hair). I even put makeup on. Then I made a tiny mistake. I sat on my bed to watch some tv. Low and behold when my eyes opened it was 4:30 am. Again, no hangover and I woke up feeling better.
    Jackson gave me quite a surprise when I facetimed him on the 30th. 10 inches cut off of his hair. We are sending it today to the charity ” Children with Hairloss”. He woke up and said to his dad ” I am ready to cut my hair.” His dad said to me that he thought of asking Jackson to wait till I got home but was scared he would reconsider. 10 inches and he still has long hair. I was going to write LOL but I have been told by Jackson that it’s passé and the new terminology is Thanks for humoring me. TFHM.
    Right now Kevin and I have been fighting for the last half an hour about our contractor. I asked Kevin if Steve could go out to San Diego a day early to fix my shower door in the new house? Kevin said NO he needs him right now. But Steve is waiting in Texas for Kevin’s go ahead and Kevin hasn’t given him the go ahead. So why can’t he go now and fix my shower? I am writing this in a nice way. Let’s just say that Kevin and I do not fight nicely. jackson's hair

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