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Coyote Ugly Saloon Founder

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    Lil Spills for October 2012

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    3 times I had to ask the accountants to check. Well , I am sorry to say that the accountants misinformed me and Memphis did not have the 2nd highest dividends. They still did great. Nashville had the 2nd highest to San Antonio.
    “Sorry Mac. Something to strive for. You still did well”
    Still a bit off today. I have been juicing up a storm trying to purge toxins and get back to health. I ran outside today instead of the treadmill to try and clear my lungs. I swear I still feel bad from all the smoke in the Romanian bar.

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    I want to give a big gratitude to Mac our Memphis GM. This morning I was going through the numbers and was astounding that our Memphis bar has paid out the second highest dividends in the company this year! I definitely fall into a pattern of watching the highest grossing bars . But this proves that if you manage your bar well then you don’t have to gross the highest to be a big earner! Well done! So proud!

    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    So far the american girls are still more nuts then the Russians, germans, or Romanians. Chantel is working as a manager at the New Orleans bar. She has texted me a few times. ” Lil there is something jacked up about Lanie’s teeth”. Lanie is a new girl and it ends up that she paid for veneers with specially made fangs.” that’s nuts. You know how expensive veneers are? Well its working for her. Chantel says that everyone seems to love her and she has a great attitude. When she gets sick of the fangs she can get them filed down. OK. thats awesome

    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    Opening night in Constanta was a success. Packed wall to wall! Daniel made sure we all had our barkeys since we would all be bartending. I bartended for a little while but the language issue made it very hard. The staff really stepped it up which is nice. I will say the Constanta ” Prima Donna” girl stepped up on opening night and was really working. On the other end, the resident unisexual girl really let all of us down. Its funny but it doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in there are always a few of the same type. 1. Prima donna. Pretty. Talented in something but never works quite as hard because she never had to. 2. The beautiful lesbian. You are not 100% sure she’s a lesbian but there is a rare beauty about her with a touch of masculinity. 3. The really hard worker. This is the girl that has the best work ethic. Always there giving 100% but there is a spark missing. This is the girl who you have to push and push til finally you get emotion out of her.
    24 hours to get home! But I made it. I slept 6 hours then Jackson and I headed to his Cross Country meet. He came in 6th out of 80 kids . So I was very pleased. And he was very proud of himself. OK life is back on again. I am going to try and take at least 1 week off from traveling. My body just aches today. There is something about flying that dehydrates you. It doesn’t matter if its an hour flight or longer, I can tell in my lips and my hand how dehydrated I am.
    3 bars open, in 3 different countries in less then a month! I am very proud!

    Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Long week in Constanta, Romania. The girls here are beautiful and full of life. The downside is that the management has been way too relaxed with them. Finally two days ago, I lost it on them! ” god damn it, I am sick of all these smoke breaks. Think I haven’t noticed that there are only a few of you working really hard? Get your shit together!” Well that worked because in two days we have made a ton of progress. Wow its a completely different and better group now.
    Yesterday I took 3 Romanian girls and 2 american girls to perform on this famous Romanian talk show. ” Lil I am sorry but we have to shorten your performance by 1 minute because of breaking news in Romania.” The breaking news was this famous Romanian guy who was caught cheating on his wife. lol . Regardless all the girls did great. The clip is already on our website! Tonight is the big opening. I leave our american staff here and tomorrow I head back to the states. I am bone tired! Daniel and the girls have been running everyday. I have been at the gym every day. Bam. going back in good shape

    Sunday, October 7, 2012

    2 days to get to Novosibirsk ( capital of Siberia) but well worth it. The bar was gorgeous. It was packed. and the staff is outstanding. I had a press conference in Siberia. The russian press conferences are always funny. The area in Siberia where the bar is located was a hot spot for the sciences. One reporter started telling me that for 60 years scientist from Novosibirsk worked on domesticating the fox and they finally did. He asked what my thoughts were on this great achievement . My reaction was ” why couldn’t they have spent 60 years curing cellulite. Now that would of been a great accomplishment.” at least a few people laughed. Regardless an excellent opening!! ( the talk of grand opening night involved Daniel, tequila, and taking his shirt off while being doused in water.)
    Now we are in Constanta, Romania helping to open his bar. Gorgeous girls. But we definitely need to do a lot of training. 4 days!!

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012

    Tummy tuck belt? Does this work? I am enthralled by this infomercial. I am at the JFK airport Hilton waiting to head for me first flight to Moscow. It’s going to be a long day.
    Get to airport 2 hours ahead of flight
    9.5 hours to Moscow
    3 hour layover in Moscow
    4 hour flight to Novosibirsk
    18.5 hours to get there. That doesn’t count my trip last night to NY from New Orleans.
    Today is the Novosibirsk grand opening! Good luck everyone see you tomorrow

    Monday, October 1, 2012

    It’s been a while since I was in college. And like most other students, I did my fair share of partying. But an Alchohol Enema? My god, people want to get so drunk that they put Alchohol up their butts? I am flabbergasted.
    Every freaking trip to Russia, I have to wait til moments before my flight to get my passport back with the appropriate visa. Doesn’t matter how soon I get my passport and application to the appropriate place , it always arrives the same day as I leave . Which in turn makes me nerves that it won’t come! Urgh. Tomorrow night I fly to JFK. I have to stay overnight at the hotel airport . Then Wednesday I head for Moscow and transfer to another flight to Novorisbirsk ( sp). I am excited to go to Siberia! How cool is that. And then to Romania! I want to thank all of our licensees and the universe for making these opportunities exist.
    12 days without Jackson. I love that kid going to miss him.

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