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March 28, 2017

Injected cement and Chalking for a butt Implant. With all the white house craziness , this article jumped out at me.

Waking up with HR issues isn’t the positive way to start the day I was hoping

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March 27, 2017

Nashville is just crushing numbers ! Excellent . Runblings at the Fort Worth bar . Bar is doing very well but definitely hiccups . Tommy and Chantel will visit .

  1. With Jackson on our latest college trip .  Carleton college 

March 22, 2017

Just got back from Aerial Silks Circus class. Thank you Mary Sue. Mary Sue from the San Diego bar has performed doing aerial tricks . She arranged for us to have a private lesson. So So Fun.  How the hell is it possible for the bottom of my feet to ache?  By the way, you get ” silk burn, just like rope burn. Not quite the fun of getting rug burn. ”

Marsha told me to be grateful for 3 things every day. 1.My son is healthy and happy 2. My body is strong and healthy 3. So many good happy people surrounding me. Thank you universe.

About to sign on multiple sites in the UK!!

March 17, 2017

  1. Jeff: ” I really like Tommy . He’s doing a great job .” Has the universe gone crazy ? Tommy has been on Jeff’s shit list for months . Normally it takes years to  get off of it . Well done Tommy . South by South West has been a little disappointing for the Austin bar. Revamp  next year . Heading to New Orleans for  the  big anniversary . Looking forward to the Guinness Challenge in Sunday .

Go Cardiff Coyote Ugly

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March 8, 2017

Guinness Challenge

Chsntel , kevin , Lee, Leslie and myself are signed up for this! New Orleans here we come !

A lot going on in Coyote Land.  SD 3 year anniversary party was super fun . Had staff show up from Denver , Nashville , and Vegas bar . Trying to make a quick stop on San Antonio next week . Shout out to Chantel , Tommy , marsha , pinky , Lizzie , and Lee for really stepping up !

World domination .

February 28, 2017

Happy Mardi Gras. Waiting on some funny pictures from the New Orleans bar. Usually some good wacky stuff during Mardi Gras. I am heading to SD bar today. Big Mardi gras fest here as well. I made appointments for Marsha and Dinesti to get reiki and biomagnetism. Not 100 % sure what the biomagnetism does but sounds very holistic.

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February 23, 2017

My son is a coach for Special Olympics. I went to pick him up after their practice and this incredible kid came running up to my car. He was High fiving me and cheering. He was so so happy. Slapping my hand and jumping on Jackson. Sheer love.  If there was a solid object that defined LOVE, it was this little boy.  So happy and so so precious . All the problems and all the worries fade away. That little encounter made me grateful for my son and my life.

After that we said our goodbyes, my son got into my car.  ” Busy day mom. WTF mom, why do teachers wait till the last minute to assign work?   I have so much homework tonight. Damn when I am in college I am going to attack work right away.”  As he was talking and CURSING, I felt a huge sense of peace. ” He is such a good boy.  Soon to be man. He may curse like his mother. But he is patient, kind , and smart.  I did good. “

February 21, 2017

” Better to look good then live great. ”  My ex-husband’s motto. Tonight is his birthday. Big 51. And we were discussing the people who have aged well and the ones not as fortunate. My ex-husband looks pretty good. He’s in great shape and looks young. He rarely drinks. He will  go 8 months without a beer to prove to himself he doesn’t need one. He works out every day. And if it wasn’t for my son he would have nearly no interaction with other human beings. But again , he looks good!  ” Liliana ,you look good. You don’t need a happier life. ” I need to make a t-shirt with something like that. “Skimp on happiness binge on looks”  . ” A little less living and a lot better looking”. It needs work but I find it funny.

Bars rocked this weekend. Congrats all the bars for such hard work on the national charity event . Good job.

Went college scouting with my son to Reed College, U of Washington, and Whitman College. He seems to like the smaller schools. My criteria: Has to be a direct flight and the school has to be well renowned. ” Plus universe if he could get a scholarship , I would appreciate it.” .

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