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May 18, 2017

Great day at the Nashville bar . Took 7 hours but we nailed two new dance routines .

Last night a sad night in Austin . Memorial service for Jes . RIP, you will never be forgotten .

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May 16, 2017

Project ” Thong on Birthday ” is under way. I am so close ! Bars doing well. Last week in one day we had a Coyote give birth, a Coyote get married, and unfortunately a Coyote pass away. Cycle of life. We are a big family . It definitely effects all of us.

I am heading to Nashville tomorrow. Exciting. Working new dance routines, meeting with the managers. Should be a very productive trip. Justin met with a potential licensee from India. How fun. I am ready for a new challenge.

May 11, 2017

Nice friendly bet going between Nashville and San Antonio. It revolves around end of the year gross numbers. I will take both Lizzie( gm Nashville)  and Marsha ( GM San Antonio) to a yoga retreat.  The fun part of the bet is that the losing bar has to have the whole staff do a choreographed number to Beck’s song Loser and post it on Youtube. Marsha just sent Lizzie a text ” Lizzie you better start practicing”. I am laughing hysterically. According to last month’s numbers I think Marsha might need to break out her dancing shoes LOL.  All in good fun. Marsha is very competitive.  No doubt next week I get an email from Jeff ” Is it appropriate for the San Antonio bar to be putting old used broken stuff on eBay to increase revenue?”

May 8, 2017

Fun week last week . Lee and I headed  to New Orleans to check out a possible restaurant site . Ran into many great friends as Jazzfest was in town .

This week sampling new menu in San Diego . Life is good!

Jackson worked the late shift last night at his new job . The boss handed him a key and said ” close the shop tonight “. No procedure given either verbally or written . Jackson had no clue what closing involved .  Lol. Sink or swim .

He didn’t get home from work till 11 pm. I had bar jobs like that . But I had enough experience to know what was expected . This job will be part of his life’s story.

May 1, 2017

” Sorry my Russian licensees that I totally sucked at the hiring ad for the Russian bars.” In my defence , I had a piss poor cameraman . Don’t use friends who drink to film video clips.

Hot damn Nashville, San Antonio and low and behold San Diego having a great weekend. Mano a mano. Nashville is edging San Antonio out on gross numbers but San Antonio is netting better. It will be a nail biter which bar does better by the end of the year.  The two Moscow locations, Kazan , and Cardiff are killing it!! Go team.

I would like to highly recommend a new show called Brockmire. So funny. Hank Azaria is at his best !


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April 21, 2017

Fighting Fifty! My new motto . About two weeks ago I noticed that I have a new wrinkle that is close to my mouth. Fine , who cares ? It’s  a wrinkle . But when I drink red wine , I get a purple mark in this wrinkle . I am disgusted . I wanted to age gracefully . My body is on point . I am a feminist . I want to be emotionally cool with my body maturing . That all sounds nice but now the fight is on . I will not give up red wine and I will not walk around with a purple line around my mouth . I am still in my forties but this will break me . ” ok Doc , fix this . I don’t give a F*** what you have to use to fill this line ! “. I will fight fifty with all my might !

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April 19, 2017

Some Psycho has written me and accused me of hacking his accounts. Lee and I were laughing this morning ” DUDE I don’t even know how to tag people on Facebook. ” I am sitting here laughing at the absurdity of this. . I am currently locked out of my son’s high school parent portal . I wish I had some hacking skills just to see my son’s grades.

San Diego revamping the menu. Excited to taste test the new additions. Nashville started the water dance back up! Exciting . Honestly the bars are doing great. Only a few right now causing some issues. I will take that!

Within 24 hours my son wrote his resume and got a new job.  Chip off the old block. Good for him.

April 8, 2017

Heading to Denver for anniversary party . A group of us are going to sushi tonight . I haven’t eaten sushi with Lizzie since Tokyo . Tomorrow morning 5k with some of the crew . Hopefully Lizzie purchased us some costumes . Annuversary party starts at 2 pm , Sunday . A full two days  Exciting !  Tomorrow’s run won’t be a slam dunk . Last time I ran at altitude I lasted  about a mile .

Denver is such a great city . Plus the Denver bar  had a great night last night !


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April 3, 2017

I would like to microchip the managers. A company in Sweden is microchipping their employees. AFTER Saturday’s visit to the San Diego bar I would love to do this.

I want to improve the microchip. The managers walk near the bathrooms and they are either subtly influenced into cleaning or  they get  shocked  into cleaning .  Everytime I email or text they answer immediately. It’s been two days since the ” WHY THE F CAN”T YOU HAVE TOILET PAPER IN THE RESTROOMS?:’ event and I am still upset .

I am not mad at the Nashville bar. They are rocking. And from what I hear the new AM , Mike B is a freak about a clean bar. ” Mike you may be visiting San Diego if this shit doesn’t change.”

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