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May 5, 2016

” Lil Cinco de Drinko and your heading to Virginia Beach ? My god you will be covered with drunk military guys .” Why thank you Daniel , I will be safe I promise .

Everyone thinks that the whole staff is scared of me but the reality is everyone is scared of Jeff, company lawyer . This week I knew something was up with Jeff. Between the obamacare filings and a few audits , Jeff is in paperwork hell . 

Daniel claims that we have netted the most in years the last few months . I will be the last to see this . 

( I fell off my own high heels down the ramp at the SD bar . Ramp not stairs . Oh and everyone saw . ” I am not filing a suit or asking for work and comp. I am just going to admit that my heels were too high and I couldn’t walk and talk at the same time .” 

Its been busy with work lately . I am enjoying that . VB here I come 


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May 1, 2016

Daniel and I are planning a GM seminar in Dublin. I am so excited!!! Bars did well last night. Memphis and Nashville having the biggest numbers.

Jungle Book. Look at the Disney version then look at the ” My son Jackson version ”

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April 26, 2016

First tornedo warning for OKC this year. Good luck to everyone!!

My son works as a coach for Special Olympics. He is very good at communicating with some of the autistic kids. Jackson has a gift of patience and true kindness. I saw this video and it made me cry. We love our children. And to see this dad and his son reminds me of  what it means to love so deeply.

I woke up not loving Memphis today. GM FUCKED UP !!

April 25, 2016

Congrats Max Adams!!! He is one of our long time investors . I am so proud of him because  he just released his first movie. ” Precious Cargo” .  He wrote and directed this movie. You can rent it on iTunes. All the money we have made him over the years, I want an introduction to the main actor,  Mark Paul Gesselaar. He is officially on my list. ( The list of people you can sleep with even if you are in a committed relationship)

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April 21, 2016

Prince died. 57. So sad.

Good Call with Daniel, Tommy, and Pinky . Always the same troubled bars . But we did discuss that Austin had a sick Mardh ! Bam

going to see a potential spot in Virginia Beach in a couple of weeks . And Los Angeles . California sites have dropped on our expansion plans due to labor costs .

i woke up yesterday with washboard Abs. I rode the bike then went to Joe’s Crabshack . Nothing like a bucket of crab to expand the gut . By the way , the heaviest staff I have ever seen in San Diego was at crab shack . But they were on point with service



April 14, 2016

This article is so full of Bullshit.   It claims I am flying over to Wales with Liz Gilbert my head bartender. Liz hasn’t worked for me for 20 years. My god she is probably in her mid to late 40s now. Yes she wrote Eat , Pray, Love. Yes she worked at the NYC bar. BUT 20 YEARS ago!!  Annoys me they wrote something so idiotic.

I  don’t buy it. Nashville is really understaffed. I do not believe they are trying to recruit bartenders the way they should. Go out! Put up signs everywhere. Dance studios, the gym, colleges, starbucks. Dinesti told me today that they used to set up a booth at the mall and recruit. So set up a damn booth! No doubt I will get an email tomorrow. ” Lil we really are doing all those things.” But are you doing them every week?  Are you sending the girls out to do it? Are you giving incentive to staff if they can also recruit?  We have a ton of weapons in our arsenal if we implement them.  (Daniel was not happy with OKC either. )  Memphis in May, Rot Rally, Fanfare. We are about to go into overdrive with huge events. So we need more girls and security as well.



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April 12, 2016

Thank you Denver bar!!

From Pinky::

Had a 13yr old girl named Jazzy come in today. She loves coyote ugly, and wanted to come in an see it. Get got her s shirt signed by all of the coyotes, and also got her a beanie. She’s having her second surgery tomorrow for thyroid cancer. Coyote made her smile today. Just figured you’d like to know!


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