By Liliana Lovell,
Coyote Ugly Saloon Founder

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"Lil, so sorry for your lo..."

"So sorry for your loss...."

"So sorry, thoughts for yo..."

"so sorry for your lose......"

"I'm so sorry for your los..."


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    Lil Spills for March 2014

    Monday, March 31, 2014

    Nashville rocked this weekend!!! They gave the other bars a whipping.
    Out of all our triathlon team only one boxer did the whole sprint triathlon. Congrats Rheinard. Chantel and I both opted out of the swim. ( Believe me the mental bashing I have been giving myself , I should of just manned up.) Ronald got in the water and thought that he was going to sink in his wetsuit so he turned around and didn’t complete the swim. Jaime got super tired quickly and turned around and didn’t complete the swim. Rheinard did it!!! He took a 15 minute transition break after the At the end he said he was completely drained. Swimming is hard!! What a learning experience

    Saturday, March 29, 2014


    Woke up today to 3 texts. The first 2 texts were from Chantel and our friend Al about the fecal report in Lake Pontchratrain. After heavy rains yesterday it is now exceptionally high. Then the next text were these pictures of the Kenner Boxers that I am sponsoring tomorrow. I am guessing they didn’t read the fecal report this morning! LOL

    Friday, March 28, 2014

    After a year, we finally got to start looking through the Tough Mudder videos. Hilarious. Jess is hysterical in her interviews. ( plus she looks really great on camera.) I can’t wait to post some of these. ” Kevin how have you trained for this tough mudder?” ” I eat 3 pizzas a day and 16 marines for breakfast.” Classic
    F jello wrestling. Jeff screwed us for our big jello wrestling night in Denver. So today we came up with ways to still make it fun. Damn Jeff. But Lee, Pinky and I have some really great ideas. Good times!
    I am totally freaking out about this triathlon. It poured all day today and the lake temperature went down even further. It’s going to be as cold as the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Fuck, my wetsuit is sleeveless. Other then the Arctic Enema in the Tough Mudders, which last a total of 30 seconds, I have never been in water for such a long swim that’s below 66 degrees. They are predicting 55 degree water temp. My ex-husband said ” fake an injury”. I can’t !!! I signed Chantel up and I sponsored 3 boxers from the Kenner Boxing Club to do the Sprint triathlon. I can’t be the wuss that backs out! Damn

    Friday, March 28, 2014

    Who knew two sets of mediocre genes could create such a smart human? Well my son always impresses me with his intellect. He was accepted into a private school in SD. The school called and seems to really want him. They said he’s in a group they call ” The High Flyers”. Well low and behold the truth about how much he dislikes his current school is coming out and he has asked to go to public school when we move. He is concerned that while in another city it will be the same conservative demographic of kids. We are very lucky to be able to put him in private school. But I see his unhappiness at his current school so I am now leaning toward public when we move. Parenting is never easy.
    Sunday is the big olympic distance triathlon. Chantel and I are starting to freak a bit. Last year when we did the Big easy Sprint triathlon in New Orleans , the lake registered at 78 degrees. Yesterday the lake’s water temperature was 58 degrees. OH god I am petrified. Yesterday was lesson in changing a bike tire. Perhaps having the glass of wine while watching wasn’t the brightest idea.
    CALENDAR girls all picked!! Bam

    Wednesday, March 26, 2014


    Sunday, March 23, 2014

    Is the Ny bar a historical artifact? Today we had the anniversary and Kevin said we were demolishing the bar for reconstruction . I called my exhusband ” we have to find storage for the actual NY bar”

    Thursday, March 20, 2014

    Bars doing well. Memphis and OKC higher Wednesday numbers then usual. Excellent. I have got nothing new today. Chantel is in NY training the girls. A lot of new girls. Yesterday Chantel said ” Oh the NY girls are easy.” Today she wrote ” Damn I have my work cut out for me.” Lol

    Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    Work, taxes, p&l’s . Work, taxes, P&l’s Every day flows to the next. I need to go back to the 21 days of gratitude.
    OK today I am grateful for Dr. Ky’s daughter. Dr. Ky is my new age chiropractor. And his daughter is an acupuncturist at his practice. Today I went for acupuncture. I don’t know if it worked but she put me on this table called the Soqi table. You lay under infrared thermal light while your ankles lie on this massager. The massager shakes your ankles vigorously. This inturn makes most of your body shake. I don’t know why I loved this machine but I did. The light is supposed to help with detox and the shaking motion revitalizes your CHI. Thanks Dr Ky’s daughter!
    This is my week of wellness. I went to a doctor yesterday who specializes in vascular conditions. They had found a couple of veins that had valves that were refluxing ( blood flowing backwards) . So I needed an ultrasound. Before I went for the ultrasound I needed to fill out a questionnaire . Primarily normal questions until the last page. How often do you go tanning? How frequently do you go tanning? Do you go spray tanning? What kind of spray tanning facility do you go to? I just didn’t answer these questions. The receptionist stood up and asked me in a very loud voice all these questions since I didn’t fill this section in. I swear I felt like I was being grilled by the police. She drilled me until finally I said ” OK I got a spray tan a year ago for my friend’s wedding and I looked orange so I have never gone back.” She then sat down and said ” really you never go tanning?” ” No. Isn’t it bad for you?” Weird.
    After this questioning I received the ultrasound and they found some issues. The nurse sat down with me to go over the vein ablation procedure and verify that insurance pays for it. I then asked her ” Is there something I should change in my lifestyle to help prevent this? Should I lessen my running? The doctor said that birth control pills are a factor, should I switch to an alternate birth control method? Should I be worrying about my nutrition? The look on this woman’s face was of complete shock. I said “ma’am if this is a disease , how can I help maintain my heath?” DUMBFOUNDED the nurse said this, ” Miss Lil, People come here for cosmetic reasons and if they find real insufficiencies in the veins then they are happy because its paid for by insurance and not out of pocket. No one has ever come here for their actual health .”

    Sunday, March 16, 2014

    I couldn’t be happier with all the bars ( except New Orleans). At 10 pm central time the lead bars were San Antonio, Milwaukee , Austin, NY, and San Diego. The managers were hustling to beat the other bars. By closing time San Diego was the victor. San Diego , San Antonio and Austin crushed everyone . But really all the bars did phenomenal . The race is back on today with Key West in the lead and NY second ! Daniel is working down in Key West . He wants to win , lol

    Saturday, March 15, 2014

    San Diego rocking last night. God I am getting older, there were a ton of marines in the bar and they looked so young. ( Yes we check all their IDs). A girl got on the bar last night with skin tight spandex/satin pants. I couldn’t tell if she was in costume for a disco night or if by some weird phenomena those style pants are making a comeback! Lord have mercy. Allison is freaking phenomenal on the mic. And Haley is so comfortable up there. All the girls did great. I swear I can do a 12 month calendar with just the San Diego girls. So gorgeous.
    Austin Bam! Kicking everyone’s butt. I love SXSW!
    So I arrived Thursday afternoon and went straight to my new house in San Diego. I walked in the door and the place was a disaster. Mac’s Air Jordans were all over the house. He hadn’t vacuumed . Food Crumbs all over. Big Gulps and crappy soda drinks everywhere. It took me two hours to clean up the kitchen. I was pissed. My text to him was simple ” Get your shit out of my house now!” Mac landed in a proverbial shit storm this weekend. When I landed on Thursday I received a call from Kevin. ” Mac is dipping and spitting on the patio. It’s disgusting.” So Kevin came down on him. Then I came down on him. Last night when Lee and I were in the bar he was having withdrawals from not being allowed to dip. LOL. Good . Who in their right fucking mind stays in their boss’s house and leaves it a wreck? LOL. Ok on a good note, Mac is an extremely hard worker so at least he’s got that!

    Thursday, March 13, 2014

    South x Southwest is rocking. Go Austin ! Heading to San Diego today to work on an additional location for Samurai Pie!!

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