By Liliana Lovell,
Coyote Ugly Saloon Founder

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    Lil Spills for December 2013

    Saturday, December 28, 2013

    And the truth shall set you free. So Billy Club’s brother does have a nickname. It’s Gris short for Grisly. It seems that Gris likes very active aggressive sex. The grab your girlfriend , hoist her up against a wall and have sex with her while pulling feverishly at her hair and neck. Well Gris was dating a very attractive girl and they got into an argument. During this argument the girl said ” Fucking you is like fucking a god damn grisly bear.” Hence the name. Gris you need some variety to keep the ladies.
    I had a musical epiphany and changed the choreography to TNT. I think once it’s tweaked it’s going to look great. New Years Eve is coming up. Let’s rock

    Thursday, December 26, 2013

    ” Thanks for the bottles. From Billy Club’s brother.” That is what the message read in the package of chocolate I just received. In case memory is faulty , Billy Club is an investor of Coyote Ugly who holed up in a cabin with a one armed stripper for a romantic weekend earning him that moniker from his army buddies. Wonder what the brother’s nickname is? I met him once. Good looking guy and draped all over this girl. I guess knowing Billy Club I immediately gravitate to nicknames involving STDs for his brother. I know that’s not fair so we will have to find out his backstory.

    Wednesday, December 25, 2013

    I have a wonderful life. Family, friends, dogs. I can say today, for the first time ever, I got everything on my Christmas list. Who knew The Griddler would bring me such happiness! Lee and I were chatting and he was also blessed with an incredible gift. He is one of my dear friends and an avid believer in conspiracy theories. He was overjoyed to receive a 3 day survival kit! I love that. ( I hope a redneck put it together because we all know they are the ones who will survive during any type of apocalyptic event). His wife knows him well. So funny.
    Bars did relatively well last night. Go team. The Lovell/Piccirillo house is a bit under the weather today. Jackson has had a really bad cold so we have had a Breaking Bad Marathon. Can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas. We have never been a family that gives extravagant gifts. Jackson traditionally only asks for new pencils to draw. ( No joke #2 pencils not the fancy ones). This year we gave our son Beats Earphones, an Attack on Titan Calendar in Japanese , two bobble head dolls of Daryl from The Walking Dead and Dexter, and an iTunes gift card. Perfect. He loved the Earphones, that makes me really happy.

    Tuesday, December 24, 2013

    ” Jackson I am going out to dinner with Leslie, I will text you if I meet your new step dad.” ” Mom I am fascinated with Sweden so make him Swedish and he needs to love anime.” After the triple caramel mud pie I just didn’t have it in me to find this Swedish anime lover so I just came home. Some find it odd how I speak with Jackson but it works for us.
    Heading to San Diego at the end of the week.

    Monday, December 23, 2013

    ” Princess , oh Princess ” . As I am skiing down the hill I hear the screams of my friend. Even her ski instructor starting screaming ” nice to meet you Princess. ” After spending 3 days with my friend and her son I am now referring to myself as that. ” Princess wants to go to the gym. Come on kids, the princess is getting annoyed with waiting. Dude, Princess needs a wine pronto.” All of this because I make her run every once in a while and I hate her posting my picture all over Facebook. ” Princess made me run a tough mudder. Princess made me do a 5 mile run. Princess doesn’t like her picture taken. ” oh brother.
    I am excited to own my first pizza place in the gas lamp. I need to do some research on non gluten pizza dough that also does not have corn or potato in the ingredients. Probably won’t be a best seller but at least I can eat it every once in a while.

    Saturday, December 21, 2013

    ” dude you left me on the phone with 6 lawyers!” That was the text I got from our new landlord in San Diego. I opted out of a conference call Wednesday because of that reason. Lawyers: 80% working for their clients best interest and 20% ego. I can’t stand those calls. There is one phrase in the lease that my side doesn’t like. I reworded it and the landlord agreed with my new wording but my lawyers still don’t like it. For Fuck Sakes let’s wrap this up.
    Is it weird that I am excited to get Jackson’s hand me downs ? The other day I tried on his jeans that no longer fit him and while a bit snug in the butt they fit. We are in Park City right now and I forgot ski pants. I officially fit into his ski pants from last year . Score!
    One of the girls in Key West has been in my thoughts all night. Life can be hard sometimes.

    Thursday, December 19, 2013

    On a conference call and all the participants are being introduced by a certain gentlemen. ” This is Liliana Lovell the owner of Coyote Ugly and this is Jeff Wiseman, sorry Jeff I don’t know what you do.” Lol I wanted to say ” Sir he’s the company lawyer. He makes more then all of us and I can’t pee without getting his approval.”
    I need to see the girls from around the country. We haven’t had real bright as life entertainers in a while. The training they get makes them entertainers and bartenders. I am searching for the ” can’t stop looking at them , big as life, stars.” San Antonio has a few. Need to revisit NY and see the talent at that bar.

    Sunday, December 15, 2013


    Sunday, December 15, 2013


    Went to the Ballo Di Natale ball last night. Jackson was my date . Who knew I loved wearing a gown! I need to go to another formal pronto.
    NY had the Santa Con crawl yesterday! Hot damn there numbers were incredible ! We are throwing around ideas for the Austin 10 year anniversary party. Hopefully if Daniel and a Tommy don’t butt in it can be fun!!
    Can’t find my glasses so while I can’t spell even with them on I can only imagine that this blind typing yields even more mistakes.

    Saturday, December 14, 2013

    Every week we all talk about the Denver bar. ” THEY ARE DOING SO WELL. WOW PINKY REALLY HAS THAT BAR RUNNING ON A DIME.” The shit hit the fan last night and I woke to text messages from Daniel about what happened. I don’t even know what the fines will be, but they will be big. I am pissed. And Daniel has gotten my full wrath today.
    By the way in light of how F Pissed I am, don’t think I didn’t speak to Daniel about Key West and Milwaukee. I am tired of shit not getting executed properly. I am in my 40s , I do not want to manage the bars anymore. For fuck sake I don’t like staying out past 10! As god as my witness I will not let laziness be tolerated. I am sick of these managers telling me that they worked 80 hours in a week but not getting anything accomplished. Sitting in the front of the house is not all that is in your job requirements. Daniel was first on my list of people I vented on this morning. Kevin was next. Then Tommy. Oh I need calm down before I have a F heart attack!!!!

    Thursday, December 12, 2013

    This is the purest love of a child to her mom.
    I opened the San Antonio log yesterday to make myself feel better. Low and behold it sucked! That is definitely a sign of the apocalypse because that bar never sucks. OK NY your the steady horse right now, keep it up. ( I hope I didn’t jinx it since I haven’t looked at the logs today.) We are starting to interview graffitti artists for the San Diego site. Full steam ahead.
    742 cerdit score! Holla. Getting a new mortgage. I find the process similar to getting multiple root canals . ” Miss Lovell, you need to get a notarized copy from the CEO of why your salary waivers from month to month.” ” Miss Lovell why did you write the letter?” Could it be that 1. I am in the bar business and dividends waiver and 2. I am the CEO! urgh.

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