By Liliana Lovell,
Coyote Ugly Saloon Founder

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"Lil, I was there with my ..."

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    Lil Spills for August 2013

    Saturday, August 31, 2013

    Milwaukee is on fire! Should be fun tomorrow. I get in early afternoon .
    Walgreens had a beer tasting yesterday. Pabst Blue Ribbon! You know you are having a good day when you are walking around Walgreens with a cup of Pabst inside your brand new Pabst Koozie!
    Tahnee has been invited to the Community Board meetings in NYC. This is a trap. Oh god memories of those miserable meetings keep flooding back. I remember getting yelled at by some residents . ” you should conduct your business like the bar across the street!” The bar across the street was a bar called Downtown Beirut. Downtown Beirut was the most awesome, seedy, punk, dirty, dive bar in the east village. One of those places that people walk in but never walk out. You could have night vision goggles and still not be able to see inside Downtown Beirut. The backround noise was the music of the NY Dolls, Psychedelic Furs, Iggy Pop. When you walked into Downtown Beirut there should of been a waiver warning of the likelihood of contracting a communicable disease. What a great bar. ” sir not sure that I am prepared to conduct my business like that of Downtown Beirut’s.” lol memories.
    Bought the Clip in pedals for my bicycle. I pulled a “Daniel ” the first time I tried to stop. I clipped out on the left side and in slow motion I fell over on the right side. Not a damn thing I could do to stop the bike from falling with my foot clipped into the pedals. Lol

    Friday, August 30, 2013

    Bam Milwaukee having a great night. Good job! I will be in Milwaukee on Sunday afternoon for the 110 year Harley Davidson Anniversary. Water St will be closed down . Party in the streets.

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013

    We have been vindicated ! Hell yeah!
    Coyote Ugly Bouncers Join the Tip-Pool

    A federal judge in the Middle District of Tennessee recently held that bouncers (sometimes referred to as “security guards”) at Coyote Ugly Saloons were properly permitted to participate in tip pools with bartenders, barbacks, and waitresses. The holding in Stewart v. CUS Nashville, LLC turns on the Coyote Ugly bouncers’ unique job duties, which require them to have significant customer interactions that differ from the duties of most bouncers in restaurant and retail settings.

    The Fair Labor Standards Act permits tip pooling among employees who “customarily and regularly receive tips.” One of the central issues in Stewart was whether Coyote Ugly’s bouncers qualified to participate in a tip pool. The bouncers were typically paid $9 to $10 an hour, generally received 5 percent of the bartender tip pool, and were required to share 5 percent of their pool of tips with the bartenders.

    In Stewart, the court applied the customer interaction test set forth in the 1998 Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals case, Kilgore v. Outback Steakhouse of Florida, Inc. The customer interaction test focuses on the level of customer interaction employees have and whether they perform “important customer service functions,” such as greeting customers, supplying them with menus, seating them at tables and, at times, enhancing the customer experience.

    Applying this test to Coyote Ugly’s bouncers, the court held that there was “ample evidence in the record to demonstrate that security guards employed at company-owned Coyote Ugly saloons sufficiently interact with customers so as to constitute employees who ‘customarily and regularly receive tips’ under Kilgore.” The court recognized that the primary duty of the bouncers is to protect Coyotes (female bartenders) and customers and enhance the customer experience by performing other expected duties. For instance:

    Bouncers stationed at the saloon entrance “bark” to encourage people to come inside and inform customers of drink specials and that Coyotes or patrons are dancing on the bar.
    Bouncers are encouraged and expected to be funny, engaging, and charismatic and make customers feel welcome upon entering the saloon.
    Bouncers dance with customers, participate in games, and recruit customers to participate. They encourage the purchase of body shots, flirt, take pictures with female customers, urge female customers to dance on the bar, and assist them and the Coyotes in getting onto and off of the bar;
    Bouncers have their own “regulars” who come to visit them and from whom they receive tips.
    Bouncers wear shirts with the letters, “BMF,” on the back, which customers often ask to purchase.
    In essence, the court determined that the bouncers are part of the Coyote Ugly customer experience and perform many non-traditional security functions. Employers should be careful in applying the holding in Stewart to bouncers performing more traditional security-related duties. If they are not part of the show, they should not be included in a tip pool.

    Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    I remember living in NYC having my two german shepherds, Teddy and Ajax. They were like children to me. I would of lived homeless on the street before getting rid of them. I am currently scrambling to find an apartment and I keep forgetting to ask if they allow pets. God damn it. My friend just offered me her gorgeous condo to live, god please allow me to keep the freaking dogs. This weekend Daniel said ” I keep begging my friends to take my two dogs but noone will take them.” I think it’s the traveling. Every week I hustle to find someone to watch them or pay for boarding. I just texted Jackson’s dad. ” I will pay for their food and pay you $100 a week if you keep them.” God damn it!!!

    Monday, August 26, 2013

    ” If we swam 800 meters in horrific rough conditions, how hard could it be to finish an Olympic distance triathlon?” Yes that was the conversation yesterday after one wine. So low and behold, Chantel, Daniel, myself, and Ben our triathlon coach have now entered the Pumpkinman Mead Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon. We all decided that we definitely did not want to do another ocean swim that could possibly have rough water so this is what we came up with.I want to thank all my friends for going along on my midlife crisis ride with me. Most women are drinking martinis by the gallon and shopping but no, not me. FUCK!
    Bodyshots, bodyshots, bodyshots. How about this, sell some fucking drinks and offer good service first. urgh

    Saturday, August 24, 2013

    The Coyote Ugly Triathletes ( minus Chantel with Kids) at awards ceremony. No we didn’t win any awards but I think we should of . Award for a whole team that didn’t award for being cool in the face of adversity.
    My time: The swim sucked!! The water was so rough that I almost threw up in the water. But I did it in 25 minutes. Very pleased with that!
    Daniel beat me In over all time. From what we could figure out he beat me by about 6 minutes. Damn! Lol good day but I am bone tired

    Saturday, August 24, 2013

    Team Coyote Ugly! So proud of everyone! We rocked it! I am having a moment right now. I love our little company and the great people who work with me. A truly beautiful experience.

    Friday, August 23, 2013

    Pre race day pedicures. All teams should do this! Just missing Chantel during pedicure tradition.
    It’s pouring out with lightening. Not sure if they will cancel the swim. If they do it becomes Run, Bike, Run. The stress level is very high right now. 1. How the Fuck can you swim when the water is this rough? 2. How do you bike on these super thin tires when it’s pouring out? And Lizzie’s worry 3. How can I finish in 3.5 hours?
    I got flowers sent to the Destin bar. Hmmmm!

    Friday, August 23, 2013

    I am all choked up after receiving this letter from my son’s school. I couldn’t be prouder of my son.
    “Dear Anthony and Liliana,

    Since school started, all of the middle school students have been sitting with their advisory groups at lunch. Today was the first day the middle school students were able to choose their seats. As the New Student Coordinator for the Middle School, I nervously looked on to see where these 29 new Greenies might sit. Some of them easily found a place and others not so much. However, one table caught my eye. It was a group of mostly new 8th grade boys, engaged in friendly conversation led by Jackson. Over the next few minutes, a few others joined the table and Jackson just kept engaging each new member. At one point, he even got up and invited another new 8th grade boy, who was sitting alone, to join the group. I was not the only adult in the room who noticed this act of kindness. Many faculty and staff members were quick to ask who he was when they saw what he did and those who do know him sang his praises. I don’t know Jackson very well, but I can tell you from what I saw and from what I’ve heard, that he is obviously an amazing young man and we are lucky to have him at Newman.”

    Thursday, August 22, 2013

    Bam the Coyote Ugly Triathlon team is ready to head to Destin. Tommy, Lizzie, and Daniel, came here last night and ate dinner with Jackson and I. Every other comment that Daniel made I had to say to Jackson ” never treat women like this.” Oh god.
    We all rode 10 miles on the levee this morning. Why does someone’s pain cause others to be so happy? Daniel fell off his bike trying to clip out. I could hear Tommy from behind roaring laughing. Ah that’s a good omen! Ok ready to hit the road. Chantel will be joining our team in Destin

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    So sad Darryl, a New Orleans bouncer , just lost his wife. I feel so bad for him. On the same day our long time bud rep, Jimmy for the New Orleans bar, passed away as well. Sad sad day.
    Tomorrow Lizzie, Tommy, and Daniel will show up to sleep at my house before we all set off to Destin on Thursday. That’s it. I took my last practice swim today.Let’s do this shit! I think I am going to wear a set of goggles that are a hybrid regular goggle and snorkle goggle. Please no sharks and no jelly fish!!!

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