By Liliana Lovell,
Coyote Ugly Saloon Founder

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    Lil Spills for June 2013

    Saturday, June 29, 2013

    Oh brother. I went on a dinner date with this nice guy. He’s a personal trainer. At dinner he told me that he makes extra money selling this ” life saving product.” (Oh no, its an Amway scheme.Different company but same scheme.) Well he talked about it and I acted charming and polite. He then asked me if I would come to his next meeting? ” No thank you.” Well that ended the date very quickly. He just texted me asking me out again . Also inquiring why I was so quick to say no to the meeting? My response ” I looked up your product and the main ingredient has positive reviews but I can get that ingredient at GNC without going through the sales scheme.” He then promised not to mention this at our next date. ” No thank you.”

    Friday, June 28, 2013

    He finally did it! Lee pushed me to my breaking point. Last Friday I landed from OKC with a call from Lee ” did you look at the calendar images?” The next morning ” do you have your calendar picks ready? ” Finally on Sunday I said to Lee that I was feeling a bit burnt out and I would have it all done Friday the 27th by 5 pm. That was Sunday. He has not let up on me all week . He has not only called me at least once a day ( sometimes twice) the incessant texting about the calendar has been overwhelming. Today, I was at a class with Jackson. When I got to the car there was a voicemail from Lee and several text messages. The last one being ” your stunned silence is reassuring.” That’s it! It’s Friday, it’s not 5 pm. I have finished 5 girls and I had plenty of time to finish the rest. I went berserk ! What part of I am a bit burnt out give me till Friday didn’t he understand? Well now I am fucking done. I sent Chantel a text asking her to take over. Had Lee not badgered me till my breaking point he would have it all done by 5 pm central time. Now he will have to wait for Chantel to look at the 4000 images. ” sorry Chantel “.
    I am taking off July 3rd-7th. I have decided that I will not answer any work calls or emails. I need a break.

    Thursday, June 27, 2013

    This is Tommy’s concession video to me from our anniversary party challenge. Lol. The bet was that I took three bars and he took three bars. The winner was the person who not only grossed the most cumulatively on their appointed bars’ anniversary party nights. But also which parties were most fun. I was the clear winner. ( he is bombed in this video)

    Daniel why on earth are you face timing me?” ” Lil, Tommy and I are out on our new boat and thought it would be cool to FaceTime you while having a drink showing you how beautiful Lake Travis is.” ” Daniel , I only face time Jackson and that’s rarely.” ( For accuracy, I did allow a date to FaceTime me once. ” babe, you know what I look like. “His response was “make sure you don’t have any buggers in your nose and put on some makeup if you want cause we are face timing. ” I took it the other direction, I wore no makeup and had on my pjs. I guess it went well cause we dated a few times after that. )

    It was funny that Tommy and Daniel had every intention to practice swimming but they haven’t bought an anchor for their boat yet and felt concerned that the boat might float away. Good for them!

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    In today’s mail I received a letter from my son.
    “I am already home by now so this letter is completely unnecessary. Jackson”
    That was it. Not even a “Love Jackson” urgh
    Funny email from Mac ( GM Memphis) to all the other GMs entitled. ” Checklist for gms so you don’t get yelled at.” The beauty is that I don’t do the yelling, it’s Daniel they fear. LOL

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    Horrible flooding in Canada. The distillery that produces Coyote Ugly Whisky is partially submerged. image

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Went to boxing today. Urgh who knew that Jackson’s kids gloves weren’t good? image

    Monday, June 24, 2013

    All is right with the world when my son is back home. When I saw him walk up to me at the airport I immediately recognized his pure joy. Joy for being back home and joy for being able to tell his dad and I all of his exploits on his adventure at camp. While I noticed that he was possibly the greasiest, dirtiest kid in the airport , I also noticed as I leaned in for a hug that there were objects in his hair only grown in petri dishes. yuck. ” Jackson those can’t be your shorts . They don’t even fit you.” ” I know mom, I dropped my bag in the lake the first day and borrowed these shorts.” ” Jackson you wore those shorts for 2 weeks straight.” ” Yes” I am triple washing all of his clothes. Everything is so disgusting . I can’t get the mildew smell out of anything. All worth the happiness he has in him and the happiness that is back in our house. I love my little boy.

    Sunday, June 23, 2013

    Lauren from San Antonio right before her calendar shoot! Yup I have to wear glasses once in a while. It was odd that I would have to take my glasses off to look at the photos. When I would wear them all the colors seemed muted.

    Sunday, June 23, 2013

    Chantel, Lee , and I were just joking around at this point during the photoshoot. I like to call this our “Dusk till Dawn ” shot. We had been working for 12 hours and it was 110 degrees in the heat. I think we were a bit delirious!
    Ok did Zombie run this morning. It was fun. It was my friend’s first time ever running a 5 k. She did it! Jackson gets home tomorrow from Sleep Away Camp! I miss him so much

    Sunday, June 23, 2013

    What a funny evening. My friend was on a casual date. One of those, I’ll meet you for a drink dates. She calls me up and asks me to stop by to help break the ice. So I stop by. We sit at the bar. I am on the end, she is next to me and her date is at the end. This guy comes to the bar to order a drink and introduces himself to me. So we exchange names.
    Boy: ” Do you want to come to my house?” Me: No we just met. Boy: ” OK well I already know we are going home together so I guess I am coming to your house.” Me: Sorry I am doing the Zombie run tomorrow and have to be up at 5 am. lol Poor guy tried everything. After he left he looked so dejected. Almost pitiful. We were trying to wager how old he was. I am thinking 24? Our highest guess was 26. I guess I’ve still got it. lol Now if I could just have “IT” for the right guys.
    Doing the 5k Zombie run tomorrow. I signed my friend up as well. Let’s see if she shows up.

    BMFs in Bikinis

    Friday, June 21, 2013

    OKC BMFs coming out in bikinis for the 4 year anniversary! Hot damn they were good. I told Katie that I think Blake should be the dance captain for that bar. They were better then the girls last night.

    Such a fun night. Thanks to the incredible staff for doing such a good job on the party and red bull for taking is out to dinner!

    I am sitting at the airport with a head ache that rivals the Memphis anniversary. These anniversaries are killing me.

    Today I should be receiving a video from Tommy declaring me the official winner of our anniversary contest. I will post it when I received it.

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