By Liliana Lovell,
Coyote Ugly Saloon Founder

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"Lil, each of DE differen..."

"My condolences Lil...."

"Sorry for your loss..."

"Lil, so sorry for your lo..."


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    Lil Spills for February 2011

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Memphis is on fire. Not only did they beat all the other bars but they crushed them! I love that! Ernie, you are starting to achieve Rock star manager status keep it up.
    No idea what Milwaukee did? Log please!

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    Vote for the San Antonio Coyote Ugly via this link!

    Go San Antonio

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    Hot damn the NY bar is back open!! 153 1st ave NYC ( between 9th and 10th) I am sure tonight will be crazy at the bar. So happy

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    Thank you so much Chris, Juan, Jose, Jacqui and Juliana!
    Last Tuesday the NY bar scored a 90 on the surprise inspection. 2 days later on Thursday we were reinspected and scored a 16 and they did not reopen us. Over the weekend we put in a new basement floor repainted the whole bar, revamped the sods systems . Jacqui is at the health department now trying to reschedule another inspection. I have been making calls to find out what score we need to reopen. We cut 74 points in less then 48 hours. Ok positive energy. No worries. I actually downloaded a tibettan positivity chant . I lit candles and sang the chant .
    Also officially have pneumonia. I went to the doctor yesterday . I swear that all the dental problems started some bad mojo.
    My chant: ( sorry spelling) nam myoho genge nyeo

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    Nashville and Memphis kicked everyone’s ass! Awesome. I can’t remember the last time San Antonio wasn’t number 1. Look out Marsha you have got some competition.
    Funny story at Memphis bar. Long story short, a mother and daughter got kicked out. Let’s just say the incident report in my mind translated to White Trash ! ” hey little Betty Sue let’s go out get drunker then Cooter Brown, tag us some bucks, then hope we get on an episode of Lockup”
    That’s some solid mother daughter bonding!
    ( country white trashisms provided by Trey Martin)

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    I have never been so moved and proud of any staff and regulars than I am right now with the NY bar. Julianna and Jacqui have just been incredible. Paul, Erik, and all the staff just incredible. Really from the bottom of my heart I love you all. Thanks so much.
    The real story:
    Tuesday we were given a spot health inspection. That is very normal in NY . Normally when you have violations, you are given a 10 day to 14 day window to resolve any issues. We received several violations but were immediately closed for the violation of a ” leaking urinal”. CLOSED. In all my years working in NYC I have only heard of immediate closings from the gross videos you see on TV. Juliana, the most organized person I know, immediately called a licensed plumber and we also notified any other experts for other violations. ( A fruit fly by the soda systems and supposed mouse droppings all in the basement). As law requires, all establishments are required to be in contract with an extermination company for monthly service. We have been in contract for 18 years never missing a month of service. Another violation was that there was not supposed to be any space where the wall contacts the floor. So we called in a specialist to spray foam in the areas that the inspector indicated. OK, so in a one day’s time frame we were able to address every violation. I personally went to the health department where I gave the case worker every certificate we have held for 18 years as well as photographic evidence to all the repairs that were made. The case worker then sent me to another building to await a letter that then gives the first case worker the authority to send another inspector to reinspect our establishment. That was a nightmare day ending in no letter. This morning Jacqui, Juliana and I waited at 8 am to find my original case worker. I was then able to get another case worker to issue the letter that authorizes a reinspection. A few hours later a new inspector arrived. She spent 3 hours at the bar. Her final words were ” if this was a regular inspection you would of passed easily but because its a “reopen inspection” I can’t pass you. The reason behind this was that the basement floor is sand that has the potential for problems. So now the NY bar is closed the whole weekend and of course Monday is a holiday. So back to the drawing board next week. There are so many issues here. I know the landlord will not help with the costs and to put in a new floor for the basement is going to cost a fortune. 2. the overall fairness of this.
    Anyone can go on the NYC health Department website and find out scores of any bars and restaurants. Last night Jacqui, Juliana, and I went on the website and put in about 50 various bars and restaurants that we know and were shocked by the gross difference in our scoring versus theirs. ( the higher the score the worse thecase) Our score was a 90. 90! I looked at at least 20 bars in our neighborhood some of them citing the exact same violations as ours but not one of those bars were issued points higher then 20. We started typing in restaurants that we knew had issues of gross negligence and again their scores were lower then ours. I am trying to do the right thing. I am trying to keep my head up but that voice inside of me is screaming ” unfair”. We don’t even serve food. I have been getting texts all day about this person or that person sabotaging us. But I don’t want to believe that either. Its so negative and I would never do that to another bar.
    So this is just another roadblock in life. We will keep getting reinspected and then we will open back up to the party of the century! Since the bar is closed this weekend the whole staff is pitching in to repaint the walls. the bar was stained the other day. I am trying to locate some of the wallpaper that the Milwaukee bar has to do a small area. I need to turn this into a positive and know that next week this will be better. Again, NY staff I am so proud of you . Thank you so much!

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    While I have been dealing with bureaucratic crap Jacqui stained the NY bar. Well it’s still way to wet to open so don’t worry people we will be open tomorrow! A newspaper guy actually came by the bar asking if we were closing for good? Come on. That’s freaking ridiculous. funny

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    The Milwaukee bar was insane last night. Some early issues but hopefully everything is getting resolved. In all my years I have never gotten more compliments on how beautiful the bar was. Kevin, Steve, and Lee did a great job.
    With Ying there is always yang. Had a great time at Coyote Milwaukee now I am sitting in NYC trying to prove that the NY bar has complied with all the health department codes. I actually had to bring my personal health department certificate that was issued with my picture when I was 24 years old. The first person that was assigned my case actually asked a supervisor if a certificate that old was still valid. ( yes it’s valid) I am now at another building waiting to be heard by a tribunal. Freaking long day.

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    A great way to start the day!

    Coyote Ugly Saloon has been plagued with the notion of a tourist trap. While I can’t speak for the Coyote Ugly’s across the world, the one located in the East Village is more than a tourist trap. The bar offers a true East Village experience that you won’t get say at 13th Step, or 12th Street Ale House.

    Coyote Ugly is host to a wild cast of characters who call East Village home, or those who call Coyote Ugly their second home (you’ll probably see my brother there). The bar may have a distinct smell to it, but it only adds to the fun experience you’re bound to have. The bartenders definitely bring a different kind of energy that you won’t experience anywhere else. No, they may not be setting the bar on fire like they did in the movie, but they’ll dance for countless songs, shove whiskey down your throat and make you like it. Birthday boys have the privilege of getting beaten by the bartender of their choice. Yes, it’s true and don’t ask.

    Yes, the tourists do come in, but believe it or not, they add to the experience. There are tourists at every bar, they’re just a little more obvious at Coyote Ugly.

    Let’s get down to the beer. I personally recommend sticking to canned/bottled beer. Whiskey and mixed drinks could work as well. Regardless, it’s all affordable. I don’t recommend the tap. You’ll notice whoever goes into Coyote Ugly only buys cans ($2 PBR) or bottles, or gets a mixed drink. That leaves the beer tap to just sit there, eventually getting spoiled.

    They don’t serve food at Coyote Ugly, but you’re more than welcomed to bring food into the bar.

    You’ll find some of the friendliest bartenders in NYC at Coyote Ugly and they dance their assess off too – obviously they’re hot on top of it all. You won’t see Tyra Banks, but you’ll get a good smelly taste of the East Village at its finest.

    Coyote Ugly is located at 153 1st Ave, between 9th and 10th Streets.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Back to the real world. Jacqui said the Milwaukee girls are working their tails off! Keep it up!
    I feel so horrible. Jackson has a play on the day we open Milwaukee. You could tell he was a bit upset when I told him I couldn’t go. That broke my heart.
    On another note. I want to partner with a company with a lot of money so we can make a big push through Europe!

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    We officially have our staff in Milwaukee! Some great girls. Let’s see if they can hang for the next 10 days of training?

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