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    Lil Spills for October 2009

    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    I am a fucking idiot!! Supposedly I knew that one of our Denver girls spoke Russian. Today I received a letter from one of the managers saying ” Lindsey is teaching Erika some phrases for the Moscow trip” I didn’t know Lindsey could speak Russian. ” Lil , Nick told you a month ago.” I guess I was so pissed about him fucking up a few checks that I missed that part!!! Now I am trying to see if we can expedite a visa for her!!!
    I told my boyfriend that I fucked up and that it was Lindsey that could speak Russian. ( he has met Lindsey) His response ” My god, who the hell is dating her? The girl is drop dead gorgeous. She is in Medical School trying to become a doctor. She can sing and dance. And now she also speaks other languages! The man who dates her better have a lot of confidence!” Agreed

    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    Playboy has asked our new girls to audition for the Russian version of Playboy magazine. 30 girls tried out and now 8 girls were picked to go back for a second audition. I got the funniest note from one of the owners of Coyote Ugly Moscow.
    “Today 8 of our Coyotes where chosen for the second audition with Russian Playboy. They would like to chose 4-5 girls and make a sexy photo shoot on top of the bar about the new kind of girl – a little crazy, sexy, confident Coyote.
    I hope they will behave tomorrow and not ask stupid questions like during the first audition. ” Can I cover my boobs?” ” Can you take a picture of me from behind so you could not see my boobs?” I wanted to kill some of them right there!!! Like they didn’t know where they were going?
    I wish you could see their faces when people from Playboy asked them to take all the clothes off except panties. They were in shock:))) ”
    That makes me laugh because the owners told the girls exactly what Playboy is and that they did not have to participate. Even though Moscow is a million miles away, girls are the same everywhere!!!
    I don’t know if I would ever pose for Playboy. A million years ago when I was beautiful and young I know I definitely would NOT do it. But now that the clock seems to be set on fast forward, I may. Back then my mind would have been focused on people taking me seriously. I wouldn’t want anything standing in the way of being a powerhouse in business and keeping my dignity when it came to my body. Now I think differently. I am a powerful business woman. I have no one to judging me other then myself . And if posing helps me to feel sexy then Screw it I might do it. ( if Jackson gave the OK)
    So funny

    Russian website

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    How fucking cool our russian website just got launched!!!

    I love Tammy.

    No Video

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    Damn I am trying to post a video but it won’t upload!!


    Wednesday, October 28, 2009


    How funny is this video!! You have to love rednecks!! Bars did well last night. San Antonio and Austin rocked out. I wonder if this video will upload to Twitter? Big day today

    Birthday Party

    Tuesday, October 27, 2009

    Jackson’s birthday party was at a roller rink today. Everyone had a great time except for the one little girl who broke her wrist! Urgh. I just got off the phone with her dad. It seems that she broke her wrist where the growth plates are and has to see a specialist. This literally happened within the first twenty minutes of his party!
    I have to hustle for this Russian visa. Why did this get put off till the last minute? Not my fault! Fuck. I asked one of the girls to go to Russia because she is an amazing seller. I have been plagued for the last week because SHE DOESN’T SPEAK RUSSIAN SO HOW CAN SHE SELL? Working on a trip for girls to Taiwan. I definitely want to go on that trip!!


    Tuesday, October 27, 2009

    Jackson is 10 years old today!! Time flies! I am debating about whether to take him to Moscow or not. I have got nothing new today. Feels like today Coyote stood still!
    Next week calendar shoot! That should be fun. I’ve got nothing


    Monday, October 26, 2009

    Not a very eventful weekend. Bars did alright. New GM of Austin that I have yet to meet. I need to make an effort to meet this guy.
    My son told me this weekend that his dad imparted some important wisdom on him. ” If you get the feeling that a girl is going to break up with you then breakup with her first.” I started laughing ” that’s the wisdom your dad gave you? oh boy.” Heartbreak happens even if you get the edge and break up with them first. I told Jackson ” you will break some hearts and your heart will be broken as well. That’s just part of life.
    Tomorrow Jackson is turning 10. I have been a bit weepy all day. My big boy is growing up. I bought him a book last week entitled ” Werewolf A Manual for the First Biten”. He is now obsessed with werewolves and is waiting for puberty when a pureblood werewolf will start his/her transformation. ” Jackson your parents would have to be werewolves for that to happen. ” mom I know you are not a werewolve because you would of died and killed me in the womb during your monthly transformation process. But who knows maybe dad is a werewolf.” Ok lets see !
    Daniel being the politically correct guy that he is wrote a letter to he girls going to Russian about scanning in their passports for the visa process. ” Try not to be computer tarded” was the exact wording in his email. Today I went to Kinkos ( fedex office) and it took me 45 minutes to figure out how to scan my freaking passport. Yes I am now computer tarded!

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Pretty good showing from the bars. Kellor sent a managers log that was so positive, I love that. I love when everything falls into place and you leave work proud of the staff and proud of yourself!! Go Austin ! Last night the Denver bar had what we called a ” do over” anniversary party because at their real anniversary party there was a storm that kept everyone inside. Well of course last night there was another snowstorm and they had a mediocre night. Well if you combine the two anniversary parties it makes one good party. Memphis had a good wednesday, supposedly they had to ID a ton of people because the Miley Cyrus concert was in town. I do not begrudge anyone their success but I don’t get the Miley phenomenom. Is this because kids are watching more cable tv and these kid actors are getting more exposure? Is this because parents are overnurturing their kids so they are willing to pay all this money for concerts. Who knows?

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    What a day. I am trying to get the bars to all have their merch for sale on the website. Looking for a custom paint job for the new Coyote Ugly Harley.
    I am getting worried about our trip to Russia. I don’t have my visa yet. I am stressing on the time issues considering the Moscow bar opens on November 11th.
    A lot of little projects today!

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    What a busy week. Jackson was off last week so I took him to hang with his cousins in Raleigh. I flew home late Wednesday night and had to leave early on Thursday to go to Lodi, Ca for a wedding. Of course I didn’t arrive due to delays till midnight in Lodi. Lodi is a small quaint town. It is where they grow grapes specifically for Red Zinfindel wines. On Friday at our hotel a wine expert gave Trey and I an in depth lesson on wine tasting. I realize now that anyone who actually knows anything about wines must of known that i was full of shit when I have tasted wine at a restaurant!
    Saturday I told Trey was my day. I wanted to hit Woodbridge, Robert Mondavi winery and see the whole process of wine making. Trey agreed but he was very clear to say that he felt out of his element. Well we go the 5 miles to the winery and as we approach there are hundreds of bikers in front of it. I was like ” what the fuck is going on? Did Coyote land follow me to this winery?” Well it ends up that the winery was holding the 7th annual chili cookoff and car show. It was like god handed Trey a huge free pass. We ended up eating chili all day and looking at antique cars. We didn’t even drink one glass of wine. ” Man Trey lucked out!” I can’t lie, it was a lot of fun but I feel jipped because this was supposed to be a boyfriend showing support for his girlfriend. ( You know what I mean. You see these suckers in every mall watching their girlfriends try on clothes or dress up and do the classy cocktails with their girlfriends. And the worst boyfriend suck up is going to the movies to see the chick flick; Atonement, Terms of Endearment, or The Reader instead of The Hangover or any Seth Rogen film. ) Damn Trey was supposed to be the whipped boyfriend that day!! Damn it he totally got out of it!!! He actually loves wineries now! Lol

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