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    Lil Spills for September 2009

    Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    Painful opening the logs this morning. The bars did so crappy. Urgh. afer opening 3 logs that were mediocre I went to the San Antonio log to boost my spirits but low and behold, they sucked last night too.
    Last night I spent 3 hours creating a visualization poster boards. I cut out pictures of dreams and goals I want to accomplish this year. It made me feel better. Putting my thoughts out into the universe. Coyote Ugly Casino here we come!!!!

    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Urgh! Jackson has the flu. Its been confirmed by the doctors. They gave him antibioics and also gave us ( parents) antibiotics as well. He had a high fever on Friday and Saturday but yesterday and today he is just flemy. For 3 days he wached what he wanted and played computer games. Today I am making him watch the Rocky movies. ” Jackson hey are classics and mommy cant stand Teen Titans so your choice. We either watch something that I can tolerate or I work and you watch whatever you want alone. We are on Rocky 4 now. Jackson just asked ” Please mom does Rocky ever die?” ” No Jackson and in fact here are 5 movies” LOL.

    Friday, September 25, 2009

    Thank god for Denver, San Antonio, and Nashville! Their numbers were awesome last night. Unfortunately the others did incredibly mediocre.
    Jackson has 101 fever today and is home from school. Both of us have been off and on sick for the last 10 days. I am wondering if our immunities are down and getting various illnesses or we just haven’t rebound from the last sickness? He had two tests today I hate that he is missing them but I can’t send him to school. You have to give teachers credit. They are around germ infested kids all the time. I may give in this year and get the flu shot.
    Congrats to Michelle ( gm Austin) she is getting married tomorrow!

    Thursday, September 24, 2009

    What the hell? The first email of the day is about a lawsuit! As a psychological study I would love to figure out what type of people are drawn to suing people. As an example of what I am talking about: I remember being very young , probably 7 or 8 and going down an escalator in a department store with my mother. My sneaker was caught in the escalator as it moved and I was able to pull my foot out but my sneaker was actually cut into two pieces. If memory serves me my mother looked down at my foot thankful I was fully intact then smacked me lightly across the head and said ” don’t ever put your foot so close to the sides again!” That was it! We walked out. We didn’t even speak to the manager about what had happened. That is only one incident in my life. I have tripped, slipped,fallen in a million stores. I have been served food with hairs. I have been in restaurants with roaches. I have been kicked out of places for not wearing the right clothes. Not hanging out with the right people. The list goes on. Yet I have never even considered filing a lawsuit.
    So who are these people who sue? I once had a suit filed against me in which the claim was over 7 years old. The suit claimed a woman slipped in vomit and had suffered severe medical problems for 7 years. The insurance company called me. I looked back in my records and I happened to be the bartender on duty that evening and guaranteed the company that she had fabricated the story. They didn’t even care. They weighed the options by whether it would cost them more to settle or fight them. I was never called again by the insurance company so I do not know what happened to end that claim. What about this scenario? How can a man break into another person’s house with the intent of robbing them , then the family dog attacks them to save and protect the family. The police come arrest the intruder and a few months later the perpetrator sues the family for getting bitten by the dog and wins! I am dumbfounded by this yet intrigued by these people. Is it laziness? Do they see a quick return on their money by suing? Or is it a meanness, the ” I hate the world so I am going to fight everyone type of person?
    I read this today and it fits the situation perfectly ” just another moth to the flame.”

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    This is my favorite corporate  picture.funny

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    I may own a great company and come off very secure and powerful but when it comes to my picture I am just as insecure as everyone else. I had to laugh at Lee’s last email because it was like a patient parent trying to speak logically to a child:
    “Because I’m the art director, that is how communication normally goes.
    As good as you are about business, you are very difficult when it
    comes to your picture. It’s hard to ask you for advice, when all you
    say is “I look ugly”

    For my pictures, I fix the lines on my neck, my jaw line and bags
    under eyes. That is exact issues I have with me, stating that gives
    Romney a direction to fix my picture. He needs that kind of
    clarification to fix your image. You have body dismorphic syndrome in
    my opinion, so do most women for that matter. I think you look great,
    but it doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what you think. I just
    need to know what pic that you want, and what areas you want fixed ?”
    “Lee you win. Just pick a picture I will try and conquer my body dismorphic syndrome issues!” LOL

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    What a freaking morning. It’s been a pissing match on all sides of every issue that’s come up! We pay a contractor the contractor hires a subcontractor. We pay the contractor but the contractor doesn’t pay the subcontractor. Now there is a lien against us. So are we supposed to double pay because the contractor acts in a shady manner? This is absurd.

    We took a new corporate picture a few weeks ago. Lee keeps on sending me photoshopped pictures where he is the main element of the shot. I sent him a response saying ” I don’t think its fair that your the focus everyone should be happy with their place in the photo.”  My favorite shot happens to be of all of us joking around. The picture the photographer picked of me might as well be a picture of a pile of crap, because I look so bad. BUT AS LONG AS LEE LOOKS GOOD THEN THE WORLD IS AT PEACE!

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Thank god for Nashville and San Anonio because they other bars did crappy last night. There is a bar that is trying to open up in San Antonio and they went on tv and trashed us. Lesson 1: doesn’t matter if its good press or bad press it’s still press. So a warm thank you for giving us free publicity. I was going to say something nasty. But there is no need. When you are number one everyone comes after you, so thats just verification that we are tops in that market!!

    This is a link for what Jackson and I have been obsessed with ” the botfly”

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Well the good news is that I am not contagious. Went to the doctor said I had flu but I am suffering more from a sinus infection now. About a month ago I went in for a ” you are officially over the hill” physical. I had everything done, from top to bottom. When I went in today the doctor said ” I know you feel like shit but all your results came in and they were not just good , they were super.” I had my first mammogram ever. This machine actually squishes your boobs like pancakes. It’s a bit unsettling especially when you have implants. But I am healthy! My exhusband wanted assurance that I was not contagious to Jackson and that I didn’t have the swine flu. The doctor said ” tell your exhusband that you are no longer contagious with the flu but that you have cyphyllis and tuberculosis. LOL” You have to love a doctor with your same sense of humor!

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    I am sick as a dog! My son had a low level cold/flu this weekend. I felt a bit sick yesterday but today I have the full fledge flu. H1N1, so what flu is flu. My understanding is that the people who are severely hurt or even die from flu ( no matter which kind) are in ill health already. Well regardless I had to cancel my trip to Detroit. Tomorrow was supposed to be a fun day. Lee and I were invited to see the Tigers with one of the owners and then do a bit of a scouting mission.
    I am laying in bed with my computer answering emails and watching Lifetime movies!!!

    I am so consumed with myself I did not post about Patrick Swayze’s death.  So sad. I feel so sad for his wife they seemed like true soulmates.

    On the Denver manager’s log there was a comment that one of the girls called a guy gay on the mic and the guy flipped out. I know this is not politically correct and it is not in any way meant to be judgemental to anyone of any sexual preference but I have said similar things on the mic. The scenario is that a guy comes in with his friends, he orders a drink like a cosmo, a daiquiri, a martini ( although a true martini is a burly drink and 20 years ago wouldn’t be put in the pansy drink category). I have had this happen and it is a great opportunity to get a humourous crowd reaction while making sales. I have said things like  ” please tell me we didn’t lose a good looking guy like you to the other side? Sir how can these women think of you as a man with a cosmo in your hand?” Now if you are really good at judging the group and know that they will love getting harrassed,  you just go straight for the hard line.  ” hey get a set of balls or I can recommend an  awesome gay bar down the street” Now again this is high level sales talk. The great bartender has to know how to read their customer. Just say the scenario is: a guy comes in and orders a comso. He looks well groomed. You have a quick intuition that he just wants his drink quick and with no hassel. Then you simply suggest another drink. No big production, no mic. Why? Because the goal is always to create repeat customers not to offend people. So in closing the Coyote did not read her customer well and she lost. ( again nothing against gay people for gods sake half the girls are either gay or bisexual)

    Monday, September 14, 2009

    What the fuck? Amelie the webdesigner just created my own blog center on our server. It’s so fancy I am embarrassed that I will not use it in all of it’s greatness! I have no fucking clue if I am even typing in the right area or if this is where I was supoosed to post pictures? No clue.

    The bars sucked this weekend for the most part. San Antonio is the saving grace. Daniel and I have been text battling about the hours of the GMs and Ams. We started a program to encourage career grow for the staff . With this program the head bartenders and the head of securities can learn management skills. In some bars the managers give these people extra closing or opening duties. I have been reviewing the logs and seeing that the managers are taking advantage of this program and giving themselves very easy schedules.  This is a hard business and the hours are hard but to be successful you need to keep your hands and eyes on deck. It’s a different world today. I wouldn’t of even imagined working less then 70 hours as a manager.

    On a good note I just saw a few samples of our new corporate pictures. I look like shit but everyone else looks great. Actually some of the joking shots are my favorites.

    My first email to Daniel this morning was ” even though all your gms are lazy,   you look great in the corporate picure.” His response was ” that’s exactly what I used to tell one of my ams at my old job ” you may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but you sure are pretty!”

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