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July 18, 2016

” Bullshit! Bad Friday because there was a KKK meeting down the street. You are Fucking kidding me? ” Low and behold in Memphis down the street from Coyote Ugly there was a KKK meeting at the Fed Ex Forum stadium.  WTF!  Is this about education? Is it about politics? My god we can invent electric cars, cure to polio, eyelash extensions but we can not cure racism. Shame on us.

On a lighter note : I have an 826 credit rating!!!  I just found this out two days ago. I had a pretty good credit rating 2 years ago.  Miraculously  it went up 75 points. The salesman said ” you must of paid something off or something changed in your financial life. I texted my sister. ” My credit score went up 75 points since mom and dad died.  I think there is a correlation.”  If you could hear a text as a scream it was the one I received from my sister. LILIANA ( But I think there is merit to that thought.)


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  1. Lil:

    It is truly a shame that certain people in this world look at color first and foremost and not to the quality of a persons character.

    To your credit score, congratulations, anything over 800 is considered excellent.


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July 12, 2016

Guess who is going to be in The United Airlines magazine? Yup ME! Super excited. While you are taking your flight you can open up the magazine and see ME! As I was penning that, I could actually hear my mother’s voice  ( probably not from above but from below) saying ” Why aren’t you wearing makeup? Your teeth need cleaning!” Yup that’s what she is thinking in the after life. ” Why won’t you wear lip stick.

Today , Juston and I had a great meeting with a company from Japan. Really great group. Cross fingers looks like Coyote Ugly will be in Tokyo soon.

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July 8, 2016

image imageimageVacation is finished . I Sent jackson a text yesterday ” Did you feel a chill run down your spine ? That’s your mother . I just landed in Providence .” Lol I have been told that I can not pick him up from Brown until after 2pm. He loved it . He received an awesome grade for his course and made tons of friends . But now I am sitting with all my luggage at a coffee shop waiting until I can get him .

Next week Justin and I will be hosting a Japanese company at the San Diego bar . I will be the first person with a Coyote Ugly Kimono ! ” no jinx ”

Lee has brought Sturgiss back into the picture . Daniel is preparing to hold assistant manager seminar while we start training for Kygystan . And I have Victoria, from the Vegas bar training with Chantel to be the overseas dance instructor . A lot of very positive moves ! I took a VO2 fitness test in St Lucia . Oxygen , carbon dioxide exchange , zones blah blah blah … ” Ms Lovell you tested ” superior fitness ” for your age . Awesome . I am superior ! My ex husband said to me ” stop wasting your money on things like that and spend it on some needed therapy .”  Funny

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July 1, 2016

Kyrgystan is a go . Coyote Ugly Kyrgystan should open in September . Bam

In St Lucia trying to chill . Jackson loving Brown University for summer classes . image image image

June 16, 2016

7:15 am. ” Fly me to the moon.” My ring tone. I look down and it’s Daniel calling. Early morning calls are never good. And as expected this call was not of a positive nature. I had a one day ” the bars are doing great” day. Yesterday in juxtaposition to today , Yesterday, I woke up seeing that my little NYC bar had an outstanding night and crushed all the big bars. You take the good with the bad!

Other then the really bad news that Daniel brought to me this morning, I woke up super pissed at New Orleans and slightly pissed at San Diego. Get your fucking shit together and generate sales. All these tools to work with. Call corporate get more ideas. Call the other managers and get some ideas. DO SOMETHING!!!

To change my mood for the day I would like to do a gratitude today to Tommy. The Austin bar is doing better then ever. Congrats.  It’s so nice to know when things go awry that Tommy can be called , same day,  to jump on a plane and help. Thank you Tommy!

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