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June 2, 2015

Wow we have a lot of deals pending. Good to be Coyote Ugly Right now. So many cities. But as is always the case , everything has to go through legal first.

New policy changes for new hires starting today. Hopefully strong employees all around because of it. I have so much going on yet I can’t tell any of it, YET!

Did I tell everyone that some of corporate are going on a series of cooking vacations. We will be going in two weeks. Provence France then Malaga Spain. I am so so excited! This is when it’s great to be me. Lawsuits: It’s not good to be me. Bills from lawyers about lawsuits: it’s not good to be me. Awesome cooking trips because we are Coyote Ugly: Great to be me!!

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June 1, 2015

ars sucked this weekend My god NYC and San Antonio were horrific. Heading to OKC this week. I love the NY punk  theme for their party. Amber is so positive in her management style. She makes her own clothes and made an incredible jean vest. I wish I was handy. I truly love that about her.  Gratitude is to Amber today.

I need to go to the NY bar and de-corporate them. I think Tish needs some new staff that have regulars . I always hired and kept people according to how many people they brought in. These girls are working hard while at work but definitely not promoting new regulars to come in. And I am about to stop bodyshops all together there. Focus on good old fashioned customer service.

Back to the foot. It has continually  hurt since the half ironman and has been radiating pain all weekend. I made an appointment to go back to podiatrist on Wednesday to see if I tore a tendon.  A friend is going to Destin this weekend for a pirate festival. Perhaps check in on the Destin crew.

This is what aging looks like This picture illustrates aging in active people. Just rotate the body part that gets iced every month and you can get a glimpse of being old.

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May 28, 2015

Anniversaries are the one day a year that I allow bars to go off brand model. At the Memphis anniversary Lee and Mike ( Nashville) decide to karaoke Vanilla Ice on the bar. Thank god for video on iPhones to preserve these wonderful and embarrassing moments.



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May 25, 2015

” Ma’am let me get this straight . You drank too much , entered a pie eating contest and cried? Why would you cry if you got to eat pie?” Valid point . Valuable lesson . Don’t drink when you are grieving the loss of your parents .

On a good note , Memphis staff is awesome . A real family vibe. Girls are super good looking and fit! Finally a bar that has fit girls!

I apologize to everyone for being an Ass. Between my mother dying and eating pie I was an emotional wreck .

” go big or go home”. Well if I was going to have an emotional break down at least I had a huge one in front of staff and friends . The good news is that I was able to get the pie out of my hair with only one shampoo”.

Universe please give me a one day amnesia so I don’t have to remember yesterday

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May 24, 2015

Memphis bar rocking last night . Today is the anniversary party. Went to bar then went bar hopping with Danirl, Drew, and Leslie. I am feeling a lot less then stellar right now . So non stellar that I actually fell out of my shoes . ( not joking really just happened ). Please universe don’t let me get arrested like I almost did at last year’s Memphis anniversary party . No I did nothing bad but being the owner of the bar has some downfalls when incidents happen . And last year’s incident was a doozy and I wasn’t going to let Cassie go to prison . So again back to the universe . Please don’t let me get arrested in a skirt in Memphis .

May 21, 2015

David Letterman’s last show was broadcast last night . He didn’t shed a tear but I cried the whole show. I remember being young and outraged when Dave wasn’t given the hosting job after Johnny Carson stepped down . I remember cringing when Crispin Glover was a guest and he was so drugged up. Crispin actually started kicking the air toward Dave. Dave walked off the show . Definitely that feeling of  watching  an accident happen . So many laughs . So many years . Good for him . I hope his new life is wonderful in whatever he does or just becoming Mr. Mom to his son. After so many years of craziness maybe some quiet is what he wants . Or not . Good Luck.

yesterday I helped at the San Diego bar. Leah asked me to help her get started on the far terminal .Exactly what I was worried about . No idea how to do this after several missed attempts . I called Chantel who has trained and been certified on Aloha systems . Literally it was Dumb and Dumber. ” ok Lil go on this screen. Shit that didn’t work ?. Ok try this “. Ten minutes it took us to figure this out. ” Leah go warm up some sake at Samurai Pie because after I figure this out I will need one”.


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May 17, 2015


Yesterday was a very sad day for our Coyote Ugly Family. Esther succumbed to her battle with cancer. She started at the Austin bar. Quickly became a trainer for us. She traveled all over the country helping us open bars. Beautiful on the inside and out. So young. Life isn’t always fair. So so sad. My gratitude today goes out to all the Austin staff and outside friends who stayed with Esther through the hard times and the incredible times. Thank You. Esther Rest in Peace.

The lovely bud, so young, so fair
Called off by earthly doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise could bloom

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May 15, 2015

Cooking classes! As we expand the need for food at our locations is becoming more and more essential. Kevin called this week and said that we really need to  take cooking classes so we can expand our menus with knowledge. Bam I am about to book Kevin, myself. and Daniel at a cooking school in Spain and one in France. I am super excited about this! A cooking vacation. Excellent.

Meeting some possible licensees from South Africa today. That would be a great trip.

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May 13, 2015

“Please will someone switch with me? Lil is the manager on duty Wednesday.” LMAO.  I told Dinesti I would give her a few hours off . She penciled my name on the manager’s schedule which is posted in the office.  I laughed my ass off when Dinesti  told me that the day girl was desperately trying to switch shifts knowing I was coming in.  Hysterical. I am not quite as scary as they think I am. I waitressed. I bused tables. And Aleah and I worked on her singing and dancing. Not bad at all.

“Lil your underwater pictures sucked you need to redo them.” So another day under water. But I like the fun colorful gowns. Cold today.


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