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March 31, 2015

Nice check from New Orleans. Today they are definitely my favorite bar!!

Oh god San Antonio was the troubled bar today. Our bar was supposedly leaking onto the ceiling of the restaurant below us. Marsha got a quickie fix through friends. This morning when I saw the log,  my first instinct was ” Why didn’t Kevin tell me about this?” Well Kevin didn’t tell me because he didn’t know. I was expecting him to freak out. He actually sounded calm when I spoke to him.   He told me that he was doing the research to make sure that the work done wasn’t just a bandaid but a real fix. In the Coyote Ugly World no one gets Kevin’s wrath but me. He will be so kind to everyone then he will immediately call me up ” They just Danieled the plumbing. I am so pissed.” In our world Danieling something means getting it done super cheap but having to redo it multiple times because it was done so cheaply. Let me guess when I post this Kevin will call ” take that post down. “

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March 30, 2015

Bars are all over the place this weekend in regards to numbers. I am on a mission to get the OKC staff in a better place. Trying to find a half marathon for them to enter with me. Such nice girls but they need boot camp. Amber should have them on restrictions.

I haven’t even read last night’s logs. My dress was awesome for the military ball. But the ball was a bit boring. A lot of speeches.  Full sit down meal.Small talk.. Blah, blah This is a horrible observation and yet another thing to come to haunt me when I get to the pearly gates but ” why do officers have unattractive wives? ” I looked around the room and there were decent looking officers with overweight wives. I know, who the fuck am I to judge? But I wasn’t the only one to notice. Is it about being deployed and feeling more secure that the unattractive wife will be honorable waiting at home? Not sure

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March 27, 2015


This is on 2nd ave right off of St. Marks ( 8th St). The NYC bar is on 1st Ave between 9th and 10th. So scary. It’s just amazing that there weren’t more fatalities .

On a good note, I am going to the Marine Corp Ball ( maybe its not called that I am not sure but it’s a military ball) tomorrow night on Coronado. FUN!!

March 26, 2015

Building exploded only 3 blocks from the NYC bar. So scary. Supposedly a gas leak. I remember after 9/11 there was a layer of dust everywhere. Supposedly there is a layer around the bar as well right now. So scary. As a NYer you get used to certain things. After talking to Daniel and verifying that everyone is safe my thoughts were ” I hope Tish doesn’t ask to move back to Austin.” Urgh. Please Tish don’t move back. You are a NYer now, shit happens. “

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March 23, 2015

Key West is haunting me. URGH. ” Lil we are super short staffed. Lil the lease for the apartment is running out. Lil I just terminated the door guy for having Meth at the door.” Key West looks like a paradise. So beautiful . But an island filled with misfit people. I know I am generalizing , I am sure there are good people that live in Key West but let me assure you they are a very very small group. ” Lil none of the bouncers have teeth. Girls applied without teeth.” Drugs + addiction = bad teeth.   Costing us a damn fortune bringing in staff from other parts of the country.


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March 18, 2015

The Austin bar is killing it! I love that. Go Austin. Key West had a good night. I got a call today about a girl leaving Key West saying she could not work for this crazy place . She took the first plane back to her home bar. I am not pleased with this.

I got myself a convertible. I love it!!! Like a kid in a candy store. The one worry was telling Jackson. All the years of bringing him to Buddhist Temples and volunteering helping people is now kicking me in the ass. The look of complete disapproval when he saw my car was exactly what I expected. Isn’t the goal for our children to be better then us? I have achieved that. He’s definitely better. So I received a convertible and on the same day he was asked to do two internships for the summer.  One at the special olympics organization and the other through the city of SD helping disabled children and elderly people with hearing loss. ( He knows sign language). The universe is now balanced.

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March 15, 2015

BAM!! One by one going through last night’s numbers and only 1 bar did not rock it. ( New Orleans ugh) Nashville the heavy hitter last night but Oklahoma City having the best night in a long time. Great job everyone. So happy!!

Last night I went to a fundraiser for a charity called ” Just in Time”. This charity helps foster kids who age out of the system. They turn 18 and they are just sent out there all alone with nothing. I heard some sad stories with a lot of happy endings because of this charity. People overcoming adversity. A wonderful evening. Well my wallet was out. I won two things at auction. 1. A 12 person texas hold em night that is catered at my home. I sam going to give this to my corporate staff when they are in SD. and 2. ( Don’t laugh). I bought 5 singing lessons. I asked the teacher (a former foster kid)  if we can do it as a group with a few Coyotes as well. Singing lessons has always been on my bucket list. Spent more then I wanted but it was for a good cause and I am excited to use my purchases.

March 11, 2015

My heart breaks for Mellisa one of  our Vegas Coyotes. Her husband died in a target shooting accident . The report says that it was the result of a bullet ricocheting . Just a tragic tragic accident . So heart broken for her .

Last night I was arranging a new rug in the office that Jackson and I share. I took a picture of it and he said ” is conversation so sparse with your friends that you need to send pictures and discuss the new rug. Mom you either need new friends or a better life “. Ok smartass! Lmao

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