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February 6, 2016

” Mom let’s go food shopping together and cook  together before the Suoer Bowl tomorrow.” HMMM. 1. My son hates shopping of any kind. 2. Cook food together, what? 3. How does my son, who hates sports actually know it’s the Super Bowl tomorrow?

Alien invasion? some one slipped a mickey into his water? Trying to scam something? I am not sure what’s going on?

Ok Jackson tomorrow morning we will go shopping together. ” Mom if you wake me before 11 am you know I will have to fight you. ” Well jackson maybe I will go into your room before you wake up and do the Rhonda Rhousey arm bar and make you cuddle with me all day like you used to .

Go New Orleans!!!

February 6, 2016

Mardi Gras! Let’s hit some big numbers!

Some of our old friends wanted Jackson and I to meet them in Park City. They live in New Orleans. ” You do understand that the rest of the country does not have Mardi Gras vacation and Jackson has school on Monday.”

February 3, 2016

Thank you so much Joanna Olsen for the heartfelt gift . So thoughtful . Joanna is the licensee for Tampa, Panama City, and Destin . Thank you

bam to San Diego. Great night last night . Lou caught a guy in San Antonio trying to use a stolen credit card . Supposedly that was his third offense ! Good night

January 29, 2016

Ok maybe I need lasik. God damn it Tommy , I am up $100.” Well that was at black jack . Then Tommy and I moved to craps . I plummeted quickly . Tommy sky rocketed . Is this business ? Yes ! We went to a marketing meeting .

Ok tomorrow , marketing then gambling !

January 25, 2016

The blizzard totally ruined our weekend especially NYC.

Coyote truck headed to San Diego . Dinesti is driving it here with her son . That truck is a big truck and it’s hard to drive . Long trip for her from Atlanta to San Diego . ” universe get her here safely”!


This news report reminds us of how grateful we should be. Thank you universe for all that I have.

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January 22, 2016

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Fun fun time at the Austin anniversary . 90s hip hop theme night . I woke up singing Gin and Juice. . Tommy actually had a fountain of Gin and Juice at the party . It wasn’t bad!

” Justin you maxed out the Amex . Perhaps don’t book all your travel and trade show booths on the same day.” Fun to see the new guy squirm .  Super fun night .

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January 20, 2016

I am officially a Jack Daniel’s Squire. Hot damn . Thank you Lola for nominating me . I don’t care how cheesy , I am going to go to the Jack Distillery for a coon hunt. No I am not shooting anything . But I am dressing up like they did 100 years ago for a coon hunt and sipping Jack Daniel’s with the other squires!

Yesterday was a good day . Bars doing well , I became a squire, and Jackson is just kicking ass and taking names at school . We watched the gluten free episode of Southpark last night . Of course afterwards I quoted Stan one of the characters ” dude after the science and technology convention you are going to be dripping bitches .” Perhaps not the parenting of Mrs Beaver but it works for us!

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