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July 28, 2015

OMG! Every bar sucked last night. San Antonio and San Diego the only ones that I don’t want to slit my throat over. Heading to San Antonio tomorrow for the 10 year anniversary party. Should be fun. I am hoping not so much fun that I need two days to recover.

We started a new program where I have to approve all new hires. Yesterday I received a picture of this girl from Nashville. Honestly she wasn’t very attractive. I asked the manager: “Does she have bartending experience?” No “Any serving experience at all?” No .” Personality?”  Shy. WHY THE FUCK would you send her information to get approval. I am no rocket scientist but it seems to me that she is not someone we would want to hire!!! Oy vay


  1. Damn it Dave you should tell me you were going to San Antonio, we could have party with Lil, till she boots us out of the bar. I miss San Antonio I was stationed there for many years. You all have now.

  2. Cab driver said to let management know after hearing what happened that no longer would she refer anyone to coyote. Small but necessary result of last night.

  3. I saw that guy. He didn’t get thrown to the ground. He was escorted out after cussing out staff and fell trying to run back in the bar into a different door evading the bouncers. It was best for everybody that he left

    1. If both of you are referring to San Antonio, both have part of the facts, he was mad his songs were getting skipped and staff didn’t care, but he had enough to drink and it was time for him to go.

  4. Have calmed down now, forgive my posts earlier but I still think it is over the top to get thrown out of the bar for asking that your songs not get skipped.

  5. Not sure you will ever read this but as a gal who’s got serious CU crush I was a little disappointed in Nashville last night. My 53 year old, dog tag wearing veteran that I drug in with promises of boot stomping Charlie Daniels music was denied free entry because he didn’t have his veterans card, only a copy of his DD214 which is universal proof to most but not your BMF. He shrugged it off and paid the cover. The beer gal wasn’t selling unless you approached her. Shot girl wasn’t selling either; just asked if we were alright. WTH! Lil would flip shit if she knew these girls were blowing opportunities. Bartenders were semi working it but they weren’t really selling anything but the jukebox. Then even though I paid for it, there was no classic DWDTG dance, only Limp Biscuit. The only one who impressed was the brunette with the American flag bikini top who never said her name. One gal even made the comment “this ain’t San Antonio”. You’re damn right it ain’t! Might want to pay an unannounced visit there Lil!

  6. Your Austin girls change their tip amounts and put in more then given. I was always happy to visit but this very shady and I will not be back.

  7. Well I went the Coyote Ugly in NYC last night for the first time and the last night it was dirty and smelly. Now I understand why they are closing….very disappointed…

    1. Coyote Ugly Saloon in New York is NOT closing. There has been some confusion with an unrelated bar. Coyote Ugly NYC remains open and going strong!

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July 24, 2015

The theatre that had the shooting last night in Lafayette , La was right around the corner from an old boyfriend’s  apartment. We would go there every once in a while. So scary


July 21, 2015

Except for Austin the bars rocked last night ! Monday night with huge numbers ! New Orleans finally showing some life. Bam ! I am sitting at the dock in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. Very peaceful . Jackson starts at Sanurai Pie today . Mac sent a text . ” Tell him to wear clothes he doesn’t care about because he will get dirty “.

The life of a dishwasher / garbage man.

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July 18, 2015

” I am calling the animal control board.” This was the note I found yesterday on my door and on my car. I have gone out at night 3 times in the last 2 weeks. One time I was home by 7 pm, another 9:30, and yesterday 8:45. The neighbors on both sides o my house have parties literally every night but it’s my dog that seems to be bothering this woman. She actually opened my side gate and let my dog out. My dog could of gotten hit by a car. Some old couple found her and kept her overnight. HMMM Let’s see what happens.

Thank god San Antonio did well last night. Not a good month for SA in general.

Went to opening day at Del Mar Race Track. Fun

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July 14, 2015

Daniel is back! The harsh emails starting coming yesterday. They had a month of Tommy, nice and patient, now back to ” Let’s kick some ass and take names.” Different styles both great.

I went out with Pinky on Saturday and came to a huge disagreement with him. In his mind and the minds of other managers at other concepts , he likes to hire girls that have never bartended . The theory is that they can be molded better and it lessens chance of theft. Now the big problem with this is when we have a bar managed by a non bartender. I have seen the girls over the years lessen their bartending ability.  I think these non bartender managers will never have the ability to train the girls to be lightening fast. Perhaps the non female mangers  might have to take a few shifts at Chica Borraccha to learn some real bartending skills.

Jackson passed his AP French exam. Bam college credits and he only just finished his freshmen year. It’s as always a beautiful day in San Diego

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July 13, 2015

Chica Borracha is starting to rev up. Chica Borracha is our new tapas sport’s bar. ( Hope I didn’t just jinx it). I have our chef consultant flying in to San Diego today. Fun project.

Comicon wasn’t as lucrative as I was hoping. In fact it cost me quite a bit since my son went there every day. OK ready to get back to work.

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July 7, 2015

Dinesti: I didn’t have my license on me so they impounded the Coyote truck. Oh brother.

” The bar slowed down when they started shooting.” That was in the Memphis log. But with no story. So who started shooting? and where exactly? Shocking that the bar died down after the

Another day in paradise. URGH! Nashville absolutely rocked this weekend. BAM! They blew every other bar out of the water.

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July 2, 2015

“There was a hostage situation on Duval. A husband stabbed his wife and held his daughter hostage at gunpoint. I think that affected the night ” that was a side note on the Key West log.

Dinesti seems to love it there as she is now the acting GM in Key West. Everyone in corporate is crossing their fingers because that city seems to suck the life out of everyone.

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July 1, 2015

Thanks to the universe today!!! My son got home today from his summer camp happy. I signed him up for a program that is from a company called NOLS. It’s similar to an outward bound program. Let’s just say that he wasn’t very happy about going. For the last two weeks I have tossed and turned worried that he was miserable.  Praying he wasn’t getting injured on this outdoor backpacking trip. My son’s dad has been mad at me because I pushed him to go. He arrived at the airport today and has been talking about his trip nonstop. Said it was the hardest thing he has ever done but he learned so much. I had no idea it was a course that was pass/fail. He passed. He learned Land Navigation and loves to navigate maps. He hungout with the emergency medic and learned about medical treatments.  They had to ration food and they learn how to cook for themselves. ” Mom my specialty was Pad Thai.” Well pad thai was noodles with peanut butter and I am so relieved. ( Didn’t shower for two weeks. Showed up with a mustache and a patchy beard. ) Literally wore the same clothes for two weeks. I had all his favorite foods made for him today. I am so so relieved. Comicon next week. San Diego bar get ready.

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