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October 18, 2016

Why the hell am I so nervous that tomorrow my son takes the PSAT?  This is insanity . I arranged calls , work, and even an outing with staff around test time and when I will hear from my son .  We won’t even know results for months . Two NYers raising their son in Southern California . ” let’s go visit Berkeley and Stanford . What about UCLA and Pomona .”

Mom how about  Mesa Communiti college . You know I may want to just wash cars and we won’t have to worry about that .” ( there is nothing wrong with community college or washing cars . But I have given him the best education , I could and he’s a 4.0 student so I do expect more )

Funny Jackson . The sarcastic humor can be funny , but  don’t  give your mother a heart attack.

One of my NYU friends lives in Los Angeles with his wife and kids. He told me that he has officially stopped saying anything . His son is picking colleges around weather and surf conditions .  Lol

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October 12, 2016

img_0234Went out with Dinesti ( GM San Diego) , her mom and son . Wonderful people . Dinesti was happy that my SD stalker has now contributed $1000 to their charity drive . He’s moving up from Flowers and Pastries to donations !  Excellent .

Somd very positive things happening today . I feel very inspired .

” Ok Dinesti , get off your ass and run on Saturday . You can’t eat a baked potato with the works and not expect to get called out “!

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October 10, 2016

We are busy busy busy!!! Trying to coordinate all these bar openings. When it rains it pours.

I try not to talk politics but this election is comical. It’s truly like watching an accident. Is it me or does the constant sniffing by Trump imply drugs? Just an observation.   Let’s get some popcorn these last few weeks should be unbelievably crazy.

My ex-husband and I have an ongoing bet about who is healthier. He doesn’t drink. He exercises every day. He is so strict with what he eats. Honestly, I think he is simply genetically inferior. Hereditary issues.   I just received this text.

Tony: ”  Give me 6 years and i’ll bet you. Loser pays for the others funeral. Accidents don’t count. just natural causes”

Me; LOL OMG But you can’t go cheap has to be the way I want my funeral to be.”

$10,000 cap on funeral.

September 29, 2016


Yes it’s my birthday .  Holding onto  my 40s by the skin of my teeth .  I would like to give a gratitude to my friend Jill. My mother always sent me small crazy presents . Stuff near the registers at rite aide.  Or stuff hinting at some flaw she perceived like a thigh master . Or blush with a note ” you need to wear more makeup “. Since my mother has passed away Jill realized that I actually missed my mother’: craziness . So thank you Jill for keeping crazy alive on my birthday ! 

Sushi with jackson tonight !

September 26, 2016

” Doctor I need a hard copy of my blood work.” Why? ” My ex-husband have a annual bet on who is healthier. This should seal this year. ” I always win. He tries so hard. He exercises , he eats super healthy, he doesn’t drink. Too bad I was just born with superior functionality.

A lot going on at work. Trying to corporatize things a bit more.

98 degrees in San Diego. Miserable today. The various bars doing charity work. Nashville did a project for Habitat for Humanity this weekend. Good Job. Denver with the Race for the cure. Really great.


September 22, 2016

“What? A woman called the police because we would not let her seeing eye dog on the bar?” Fucking crazies. Of course Jeff sent me an email. ” This will be in my book along with all the other crazy things. ”

San Antonio had a great night!! I love that on a Wednesday. Trying to get myself back on a schedule. Wales got pushed back yet again. Wales may not even open in 2016. Let’s see. Right now we have Tokyo slated for a soft opening December 1 and grand opening on the 7th. And Fort worth December 28th .

It will be very tricky if Wales opens in December as well.

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September 20, 2016

” Excuse me but will frequent horsemeat meals and chocolate effect my blood work? I have blood work tomorrow and a physical next week. ” Doctor why don’t I have any energy? There must be something wrong with me.” ” There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you. Maybe you don’t sleep and have too much stress?”

Ok well that will be next week’s conversation.

Paula, GM from NY made a contact for a coyote ugly snap chat filter. Awesome. Good job. Daniel and Victoria are  just getting home from Kyrgyzstan. Oniki, Dahlas, Dani, and Ricardo will get back in 1 week. ( Ricardo missed his flight. Daniel was beside himself pissed.). So nice to see all the bars doing well. Bishkek is kicking butt since we opened . Nice to know. If they make some design changes in back bar and be strict with our training they will make a lot more money!

September 20, 2016

This happened at the Nashville bar last night . From Lola :

Thank God Big Michael Coleman was the one to walk me to my car after work at Coyote today! We were chatting at me car and all of a sudden some guy pulls out a police batton on another guy who pulls a gun on him! He shoved me in my car, told me to get down and called the police. He stayed right there and kept me safe. I have no words for how greatful I am to him and that no one got hurt. Both people were caught. Apparently one guy felt the other got him fired and was going to retaliate. They both were caught almost immediately due to Big Mike’s quick thinking and attention to detail!


Scary . Thanks big Mike.

An article came out in Franchise Times about Coyote Ugly. Justin described me as ” Crazy Fun but Humble “.i like that !

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