Lil Spill

May 2, 2013

After paying my dues and signing up for the Big Easy Sprint Triathlon , I have been trying to find a coach to give me swimming pointers. After sending out many emails I received a response. ” what’s your level of swimming Miss Lovell.” My response ” swimming has always involved a tropical drink and suntan oil.” To be honest the swim part is actually an exaggeration . I usually just hang on the edge of the pool.
What is going on in the Coyote Ugly world today?


  1. coming to Nashville memorial week and bringing another family with us they all want to come to see your place is there any special night? What night is best to show up that week? We have ages 59 to 16
    Any suggestion? Can’t wait to come check it out.

  2. What is going on in the Coyote Ugly world today? That’s my question, can you actually swim Lil? Also a suggestion for Sandra – Check out ye ol opery while your there. It’s worth it.

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