Lil Spill

April 18, 2013

I am bruised from head to toe from the Tough Mudder. This week I have had to wear suit pants or opaque tights to cover all the bruises and cuts on my legs and then a sweater to cover all the bruises and scratches on my arms. Today I was allowed to leave a day early to see my son. At the airport I went for the express pedi. The woman rolled up my pants ” ma’am are you alright ?” I don’t know if she thought someone beat the crap out of me or if I had a disease. Oh well all worth it

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  1. Comments, just two.

    1 Religion. Your Mum and Dad and the nuns sure did one hell of a job on educating you to face life.
    2 Feelings. The adrenalin boost from Tough Muddlers is doing it’s work. It’s all your attitude to life.

    Could a shrink really give you the above?

    PS So angry about Boston.

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